Kevin Afghani Steps Up as the New Voice Behind Mario and Luigi

kevin afghani new mario voice actor

The iconic character of Mario, a staple in the world of video gaming, has a new voice. Kevin Afghani has been announced as the new voice behind both Mario and Luigi for the upcoming game, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.”

Key Highlights:

  • Kevin Afghani replaces Charles Martinet, the voice behind Mario for over 25 years.
  • Afghani expressed his excitement and pride on social media platforms.
  • Nintendo confirmed the change in an official statement.
  • Charles Martinet will continue to work with Nintendo in a different role.

A New Era for Mario:

For over two decades, Charles Martinet’s voice has been synonymous with Mario’s cheerful “wahoos” and iconic “it’s-a-me” catchphrases. However, in a recent announcement, Nintendo confirmed that Kevin Afghani would be taking over the vocal reins for the beloved plumber and his twin brother, Luigi, in the forthcoming game, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.”

Afghani, who describes himself as a “voice actor and big nerd” on his personal website, shared his enthusiasm for the role on social media. He tweeted about his pride in voicing the iconic characters and thanked Nintendo for the opportunity. His passion for animation and video games is evident, with him stating that these mediums offer “a beautifully immersive experience like no other.”

From Martinet to Afghani:

Charles Martinet’s association with Mario began in 1991, lending his voice to the character at trade shows before making his video game debut in “Super Mario 64” in 1996. Over the years, Martinet expanded his vocal talents to other characters in the Mario universe, including Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and even the younger versions of Mario and Luigi.

However, Nintendo announced earlier this year that Martinet would transition from his role as Mario’s voice. He will now serve as a “Mario ambassador,” traveling globally to spread the joy of the character. This change was first hinted at when fans noticed a different voice for Mario and Wario in recent game trailers.

A Fresh Voice in the Gaming World:

While Kevin Afghani might be the new voice behind Mario, he is not entirely new to the world of voice acting. His credits include roles in “Genshin Impact” and animated shorts on the YouTube channel “Mashed.” Despite being relatively new to video game voice acting, Afghani’s passion and dedication to the craft are evident.


The world of Super Mario is set to experience a change as Kevin Afghani takes over as the voice of Mario and Luigi, succeeding Charles Martinet, who voiced the character for over 25 years. Afghani’s excitement for the role is palpable, and fans are eager to hear his rendition of the iconic characters in the upcoming “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.” As the gaming community welcomes Afghani, Charles Martinet’s legacy as the voice of Mario will always be cherished.

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