Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Fresh Take on Multiplayer Mayhem

Nintendo’s iconic platformer franchise is back with “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” promising fans a blend of the classic Mario experience they’ve come to love, coupled with new features that add a fresh twist to the gameplay.

Key Highlights:

  • Set to release on October 20, 2023.
  • New “Elephant Fruit” power transforms characters into giant, nearly indestructible elephants.
  • Classic Mario gameplay elements remain intact, ensuring a familiar experience for long-time fans.
  • Multiplayer mode thrives when played with friends and family, emphasizing cooperative gameplay.
  • Some fans believe it might be time for the Super Mario Bros. series to undergo a more significant transformation.

A Glimpse into the New Features:

One of the standout features in “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is the introduction of the “Elephant Fruit” power. When consumed, this fruit transforms characters into giant elephants, making them nearly invincible and capable of wreaking havoc across the map. This new form not only allows players to deal significant damage but also provides an advantage in reaching higher sections of the map. Moreover, players in their basic form can carry their elephant-transformed counterparts, leading to unique combos and gameplay strategies.

Multiplayer Mayhem:

True to its roots, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” shines brightest when played in multiplayer mode. The game encourages cooperative gameplay, especially when navigating through levels with the new elephant power. The sheer chaos of playing with friends and family, combined with the game’s platforming challenges, offers a delightful experience that both new and returning players will appreciate.

Staying True to Its Roots:

While “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” introduces new elements to keep things fresh, it remains, at its core, a classic Super Mario Bros. game. The familiar platforming challenges, enemies, power-ups, and a roster of beloved Mario characters are all present. This ensures that long-time fans of the franchise will find the gameplay both nostalgic and satisfying.

However, some might argue that the game plays it safe, sticking closely to the tried-and-true formula without venturing too far into uncharted territory. While the game is undeniably fun, whether it offers enough innovation to captivate the global Nintendo fanbase remains to be seen.


“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is Nintendo’s latest offering in the iconic platformer series, set to release on October 20, 2023. While it retains the classic elements that fans adore, new features like the “Elephant Fruit” power add a fresh twist to the gameplay. The game’s multiplayer mode emphasizes cooperative gameplay, ensuring hours of fun when played with friends and family. However, some believe the series might benefit from a more significant overhaul in the future. Only time will tell if “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” will leave a lasting impression on the gaming community.