Indian Space Research Organization Chairman has confirmed that India’s low-cost Mars mission has enough fuel to last for many years ahead.

Kiran Kumar, ISRO Chairman, sad that the spacecraft that is orbiting the red planet is expected to last long, as the fuel requirement is very less.

He was at the event of Indian Institute of Science Alumni Global Conference 2015 ‘Science for Society’, held in Bangalore on June 26, 2015.

He further said that about 45 kg of fuel is left, and the use is very minimal. He also added that the kind of fuel that the spacecraft had initially, the earlier prediction was six months.

Further talking on the issue, he said that there could have been many situations and difficulties from the launch to the time that the spacecraft entered the desired orbit, which could have used more fuel.

In March, the life of Mangalyaan was extended by another six months, owing to surplus fuel.

Creating history, India had launched the low-cost Mars Orbiter Mission named Mangalyaan on 5 November 2013, which happens to be its first inter-planetary mission. The spacecraft successfully entered the orbit of the red planet on September 24, 2014.

ISRO Chairman also said that there were no unexpected incidents and failures, which is usually considered and given a margin for launch errors, which helped in saving fuel.

However, he didn’t not confirm how long the life of Mangalyaan can be further extended, saying that only one step at a time can be taken. On being asked on whether the spacecraft will last for two and half years, he said that there was a possibility.