Home News Infinix launches the iRockor TWS earbuds in India, prices Rs. 1,499

Infinix launches the iRockor TWS earbuds in India, prices Rs. 1,499

Another day and another Truly Wireless Earbuds have come on to the tech scene in India. This time, it is Infinix that has launched its TWS earbuds iRocker under the brand Snokor in the country.

The iRockor also comes packed with features that its makers believe will help it stand out from the competition. Those include high fidelity speakers for top-quality sound output along with a bass boost feature that ensures there is no shrill even at 20 Hz. The earbuds connect to the parent device via Bluetooth 5.0, which provides for a stable connection all through.

The iRockor also comes with multi-functional buttons that make it quite easy to operate the earbuds. For instance, a single click will let you play or pause the audio while a double click will let you skip to the next song. Similarly, clicking thrice will let you go back to the previous song.

Another convenient feature of the earbuds is its support for Google Voice Assistant, which can be invoked by long-pressing any of the buttons. Thereafter, you can control the phone via simple voice commands itself. The buttons again are made of high-end PU with a fine titanium coating on top that provides a high-end feel to it.

Mention must also be made of the earbuds’ goose egg shaped build which Infinix said has been specially formulated to ensure a snug fit. The company is claiming the earbuds would remain in place even during active outdoor activities such as playing games, jogging, or even kick boxing. Further aiding in this is the IPX 4 rating that the earbuds boast of that makes it splash and sweat proof.

Also, with just 4.6 grams each along with its comfortable feel, you won’t even feel having the earbuds in your ears. Battery life is also a quite commendable 20 hours max thanks to the 40 mAh battery fitted on to each earbud and the 300 mAh battery that the carrying case comes with.

Yet another convenient and thoughtful feature the iRockor earbuds boasts of is the option to choose either a single or double mode of operation. The double mode is, of course, having the sound in both your ears while the single mode will feed audio in only one ear. This is handy when you need to keep an ear free to listen to surrounding noise, like when driving.

As for its price, the earbuds are priced Rs. 1,499 and is going to be available exclusively from Flipkart starting July 31, 2020.