Incineroar’s Blast Burn Lights Up Raid Battles: A Quick Analysis

Incineroar Blast Burn Lights Up Raid Battles

In the constantly evolving world of Pokémon GO, the introduction of Blast Burn Incineroar as a raid attacker has sparked interest and discussions among trainers. On the recent Litten Community Day, players had the opportunity to evolve Incineroar, Litten’s final evolution, to learn the exclusive move Blast Burn. This analysis dives into how Incineroar fares in raids, its capabilities as both a Fire and Dark type attacker, and what trainers can expect from it in battles.

Key Highlights:

  • Community Day Exclusive: Incineroar could learn Blast Burn by evolving during the specified hours of Litten Community Day.
  • Dark Type Capabilities: Initially overlooked, Incineroar’s performance with Darkest Lariat positions it comparably to Yveltal and above Weavile in the dark attacker rankings.
  • Fire Type Performance: As a Fire type, Incineroar with Blast Burn serves as a budget option, albeit outclassed by other Fire types like Darmanitan, Chandelure, and Blaziken.


In-depth Analysis:

A Surprise in the Shadows

While the focus was on Blast Burn, Incineroar’s capabilities with Darkest Lariat in its arsenal were initially underestimated. Compared to other dark-type attackers such as Yveltal and Weavile, Incineroar proves to be a competent contender. It’s particularly noted that Incineroar might even perform better than Weavile, positioning it just below Yveltal in effectiveness. This revelation showcases the versatility and potential utility Incineroar brings to trainers’ rosters, especially for those looking for cost-effective dark-type options.

A Flicker Among Flames

As a Fire type attacker with Blast Burn, Incineroar enters the raid scene as a budget-friendly option. However, when placed in the fiery competition of raid attackers, Incineroar doesn’t climb to the top. Despite its new powerful move, it finds itself outshined by other Fire types that don’t require significant investment, such as Darmanitan, Chandelure, and even other Community Day featured Pokémon like Delphox and Blaziken with Blaze Kick. For newer and returning players, Incineroar could still hold value to round out their Fire-type lineup but might not sway veterans who have already optimized their teams with the aforementioned heavy hitters.

Blast Burn Incineroar presents an interesting addition to Pokémon GO’s raid battles. While it may not redefine Fire type raid strategies, its newfound respectability as a Dark type attacker with Darkest Lariat adds an unexpected layer to its utility. For players who missed the Community Day or are contemplating the best use for their Incineroar, these insights offer a clearer picture of where it stands in the current meta. As always, the effectiveness of any Pokémon in Pokémon GO depends on the context of battle, opponent, and the existing team composition of the trainer.

This analysis encapsulates the dual nature of Incineroar as both a Fire and Dark type contender in raids, highlighting its position in the game’s ever-shifting battle landscape. While it may not outshine the top-tier attackers in either category, Incineroar with Blast Burn and Darkest Lariat ensures its place as a versatile and accessible option for trainers looking to diversify their teams​​​​.

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