Huawei Honor 8 to launch in India next month alongside new ‘Make in India’ smartphone

Huawei’s sister brand Honor is all set to launch the Honor 8 in India, in a couple of weeks from today. The smartphone was displayed to select media at an event earlier this week. It has also been reported that Huawei will launch its first phone ‘Made in India’ during the same time.

Last week, the world’s third-largest smartphone maker announced that it is going to collaborate with a leading supply chain solution provider, Flextronics, Chennai to come up with a homemade product.

Huawei Honor 8 Specs and Colors

The Honor 8 has been launched in China, already. It comes with a 2.5D glass. The curved phone has no edges to allow an easy grip. The camera of the phone has a wide-aperture mode and a professional mode. The camera is said to have all the features of Huawei P9.

A Delhi-based freelance photographer said that it allows the users to “tell stories” through photographs. The ability to change focus before and after the picture is taken helps with the photography a lot. The front camera can also take high resolution selfies to increase the beauty effect.

A Huawei spokesperson said that the phone will be available in three colors in the country: white, blue and sunrise gold. Clearly, both the sister companies are targeting at a certain demographic that is obsessed with mobile photography, selfies and “sharing moments” on social media.

This active participation of the companies in the “Make in India” initiative has had a positive response in the country. Now, this is going to be one of the first Chinese brand manufactured phone in the country, under this initiative.