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HTC developing Virtual Reality game for its Vive VR headset

A couple of months after the launch of its VR headset Vive, HTC has decided to launch a game exclusively for its device. The company is planning to show it off at the Computex Trade Show that is going to be held in Taiwan next week.

The company has pre-booked over 15,000 VR headsets within 10 minutes of its release on 29th of February. Since then, Valve announced that Steam will make games for both Oculus Rift and Vive. HTC and Valve have planned to make 30 games in all for Vive.

The company has built a VR software studio that will be focused on building softwares for the VR headsets. This game was built in the same center. This is a battlefield game intended to give a wholesome experience for the users. It uses classic weapons like pistols rifles, hand grenades, sub-machine rifles. The new peripheral feature is likely to add to this.

Currently, the top game featuring in Vive, is The Lab. This is a game set in Aperture Science that offers a wide range of ways to enjoy the game. For example slingshots, longbows, robot repair, etc. This is a game focused on creating and destroying, which is the start point for almost all new platform games. Now, that the device has gone wireless, the possibilities have increased. Netflix engineers have already developed a VR experience video for Vive, and the game is said to be launched soon.

As far as competition is concerned, its biggest worry could be the PlayStation VR, which costs close to $400 (half as much as the Vive). PS has a much wider range of games that makes it the most serious threat to any other VR brand.