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Sony finally ends PS3 production in Japan

It's time we bid adieu to the PlayStation 3, as Sony has reportedly decided to stop PS3 production in Japan. Sony's official Japanese website...

Sony PS4 vs PlayStation 5 Specs: Expected major differences

Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console is due releasing later this year or early next year but rumors are already strong for upcoming PS5.  That...
PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5: release date, specs, and price expectations

The Nintendo Switch being the console everyone's talking about, but new reports suggest that the new PlayStation 5 is likely to arrive earlier than...

Sony prepping to launch six mobile games by April next year

Sony has officially confirmed its plans to release around six smartphone games by April next year, on both Android and iOS. The Japanese giant...
PlayStation 4 Neo

PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Neo release date: PS4 consoles to unveil on...

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has an event scheduled for September 7th, where it is expected to announce the rumored upgraded version of its...

HTC developing Virtual Reality game for its Vive VR headset

A couple of months after the launch of its VR headset Vive, HTC has decided to launch a game exclusively for its device. The company...
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PlayStation Network and Xbox Live face Christmas Day outages

It might be disappointing for the gaming console lovers who might have ordered Xbox or PlayStation especially for their Christmas holiday. The online services...