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How to Overcome these Common Objections to a LMS?

Need to introduce a LMS in your organization? Then create a business case for it. It can be challenging to get new technology in an organization for quite a few reasons. A person who is making pitching for new technology, be it an LMS or any improvised technology can feel they are facing a battle. There is a chance, especially in front of executives, to look at new technology as an added unwanted complication to an organization. Clearly, this is not the case, as all that technology does is streamline and simplify workflows.

The idea of online training software can come as an unnecessary requirement for the old generation, especially the baby boomers, who are not so tech-friendly and can get uncomfortable being introduced with such an advanced technology that can change the dynamics of Learning. 

To pitch for a learning management system or any new software, you have to be ready for the objections you are going to face, and you better be ready to answer them. Show them influential decision-makers and investors who can add value to the LMS. come up with a strong argument. Tell them why your organization needs an LMS in the first place? Gather enough points to combat objections, pain points to lay out how the LMS keeps up with the evolving industry. 

One of the most common objections could be that the current employee training is fine and there is no requirement for the learning management system. Unless no major gaps are experienced in training and development, LMS seems unnecessary for the decision-maker. You need to showcase the benefits of the learning management system, and how the online training software can make the learning and development of employees a success.

The second most common objection is that eLearning is not effective. It is the tendency to see the traditional ways of doing things more effective rather than opting for new technologies. Although, you can collect the information showing transfer rates getting better using a learning management tool. More transference means better performance without hampering the budget.

The people you are trying to convince for getting a LMS are focusing only on the figures. They want to see the facts and may get the idea that scalability of training and development effectiveness is impossible with online training software. You need to make them familiar with the features of LMS to measure ROI for training initiatives. Learning management systems are so advanced which can precisely measure the return on investment than the traditional training method.

The most common objection is always the cost. Decision-makers assume that online training software is very costly. But in reality, the learning management systems are cost-friendly. In comparison to traditional in-classroom training methods, where the budget for setting the venue, travel, and convenience is very much. LMS is the one time-investment. Be it, cloud-based, subscription-based, or scalable LMS is going to be cheaper than an in-class training program with better results. With LMS the cost for the venue, instructor fees can be eliminated.


Getting access to a right learning management system could be a win-win situation for the employees and organization. Sure it takes a while to create the training content, but once created is stored forever and can be easily accessible to all. It is immensely easy to make changes as vetted, and with the LMS reporting, you can get feedback on the content and track training program completion. And not to forget, it is a cost-friendly online training software while making employees more productive when they are trained well and not spending more time away from their job.

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