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How to download TutuApp on PC or Mac


TutuApp is a top-rated third-party app installer, providing both iOS and Android users with thousands of unofficial apps and games for free. Even better, you can now install it and use it on your Mac or Windows PC. Read on, and we’ll show you how.

This is pretty simple to do, but you do need an Android emulator. TutuApp doesn’t have official support for desktops, but the emulator makes it simple to use.

  1. First, download an Android emulator onto your computer – Nox or Bluestacks are the best ones to use
  2. Next, download the TutuApp APK file
  3. Open the emulator and sign in using your Google account (free to set up if you don’t have one)
  4. Type TutuApp into the search bar and click on the result
  5. Alternatively, find and drag the APK file into the emulator
  6. When TutuApp is installed, you can access it via the emulator

Why Use TutuApp on PC?


Because you can use a much bigger screen and you can take advantage of your computer’s resources – RAM, processor and so on. TutuApp gives you an alternative app store, giving you thousands of unofficial apps to install on your PC, all for free.

TutuApp Errors

Although TutuApp is generally stable, there are a couple of errors you may come across when you use it on your desktop:

Blank or White Screen

This is quite a common error, and the easiest way to fix it is to delete TutuApp and reinstall it using the emulator.

TutuApp Icon is Greyed Out/App won’t Download

Again, pretty simple to fix; just remove every trace of TutuApp from your computer and reinstall it – it should work just fine.

Sometimes, an app won’t install properly because you don’t have enough room on your computer. The first thing to do is a little housekeeping – remove apps you don’t need anymore, clear your file system of anything you don’t need and, if you have movies, photos, music, and other media on your hard drive, move them to the cloud or to an external hard drive. Try the installation again, and it should work. Also, be aware that, to get the best out of TutuApp, you should have at least 2GB RAM free.

How Safe is TutuApp?

TutuApp is 100% safe to use. The app developers took great care over making sure that your device and data are safe when using the app; there is no span, malware, adware, spyware, viruses and you don’t need to use your personal Apple ID or details to download the app either, keeping your identity safe too. The developers will not sell any of the information they ask you for, and they issue regular updates to keep security at a premium.  However, it is wise to have good anti-virus software on your computer and use a good VPN too; this protects your identity and your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a third-party installer with unofficial content, its no surprise that we get asked questions about TutuApp so here are the answers to the commonly asked ones:

Are There Any Viruses in TutuApp?

No, there are not. Thanks to a vigilant and active development team, the app is always safe to use, and updates are issued regularly to ensure it stays that way – it’s up to you to make sure you install any update released. As mentioned earlier, protect your own back with anti-virus software and make sure you only install the emulator and TutuApp from official links.

Is There A Difference Between the Free and VIP Versions of TutuApp?

The free TutuApp version is more than enough for most users, given that it provides so much free content to choose from. However, if you opt to upgrade to the VIP version (it only costs $6.99), you get more content, all the ads from the free version are removed, you get faster downloads and no limits on how many apps you install. And, if you have a VIP membership for your iOS or Android device, you can make use of it when you install TutuApp on your desktop computer. And, if you are a VIP member with less than 60 days to go on your membership, you can renew now and get a 10% discount on the price.

I Heard TutuApp Was Only for iOS Devices

At one time, it was, but the developers made the decision, thanks to popular demand, to produce an APK version for Android devices. This is the only reason why you can use it on your desktop and why you need to use an Android emulator.

Using TutuApp on your desktop is a great way of getting all the apps and games you could possibly want. Try it today ad let the developers know what you think of it.