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How To Choose A Call Center Dialer For Your Business

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If your business still relies on manual dialing, it may be time you consider a call center dialer. Even if it requires an upfront investment, it offers countless benefits, such as reduced overhead costs and improved productivity. Because a dialer automates your company’s dialing process, you can quickly connect with your customers rather than getting tangled in manually dialing numbers.

Generally, a call center dialer works by dialing multiple contact numbers from a list and connects calls to the available sales representatives or agents. Aside from automating the dialing process, a dialer also provides analytics and other helpful insights that will help you improve your business efficiency and boost your team’s productivity.

Presently, you can choose from various types of call center dialers. Depending on your preferences or needs, you can consider an all-in-one communication platform like Call Cowboy, which can help you establish a more professional presence online and offline.

If you’re unsure which dialer is ideal for your business, here are ways to choose the best call center dialer effectively:

  • Know The Different Types Of Call Center Dialers

If you wish to automate your company’s dialing process, it’s better to know the different types of call center dialers available in the market before investing in one. Because every business has unique needs and constraints, a dialer that worked for others may not work for you.

To make a wise decision on whether to settle with power dialer software or other dialing systems, check out the following dialers and know their differences:

  • Predictive Dialers

A predictive dialer is an excellent option if you’re running a big company with massive search volumes. Its smart algorithm underpins countless data, including agents’ performance, average time on the calls, and previous trends to predict the best time to initiate the call and the agents’ availability.

Typically, a predictive dialer works by dialing numbers from the list and transferring calls to the available agents once connected. This business phone system also highlights the customer connectivity status, such as busy line, call abandoned, and call connected using the answering machine detection feature. Once potential consumers answer the calls, they’re routed to the available agents.

Predictive dialers begin dialing before the customer representatives’ calls get over to minimize the idle time. For example, suppose the algorithm of the predictive dialers indicates that the agents’ current calls will end in another 60 seconds. In that case, the dialer will start dialing the numbers a few seconds before the end of the call.

The effectiveness of predictive dialers may vary depending on the call drop ratio, agents’ wait time, max pacing ratio, and variance factor. Besides, this dialer ensures flawless outbound calls with some benefits, such as fewer unanswered calls, increased talk time, enhanced productivity and efficiency, and a better call-connect ratio.

  • Progressive Dialer

A progressive dialer works by dialing the customer numbers only when the agents from the previous calls become available. Compared to predictive dialers, progressive dialers don’t predict the agents’ availability time or call time to make calls. They stop dialing when there are no agents available.

Progressive dialers are utilized to lessen the agents’ manual efforts to search and dial the contact numbers. At the same time, they provide agents with a few seconds between calls to minimize stress and have a break.

Progressive dialers are also an affordable option, unlike other types of call center dialers. Some advantages include a low call abandonment ratio, improved customer engagement, and improved agent productivity. These dialers are also perfect for sales, business-to-community operations, and small to mid-sized businesses.

  • Preview Dialers

Preview dialers are basic outbound dialers that read the existing numbers or customer data in the list to suggest the best possible numbers for agents. In addition, preview dialers display all customer information, such as personal details and previous calling information, which helps agents personalize calls.

A preview dialer also allows agents to determine whether or not to call a customer based on the previous interaction history. By referring to the customer interaction history, agents can quickly personalize sales pitches and conversations.

  • Determine How Your Business Process Calls

One of the things you need to define before choosing a dialer is how your business process calls and what you wish to automate. For example, do you want your sales representatives to generate leads through outbound dialing? Or do you like your agents to close or nurture leads at a certain time?

Both scenarios may require a different dialer in place. A power or predictive dialer is your option when handling high-volume calls to get leads. On the contrary, for low call volume processes like follow-ups, your best choice is a preview dialer, which provides a prior context before calling to ensure a successful lead conversion and better conversations.

  • Check The Call Center Dialer’s Features

Many options are available when it comes to call center dialers. However, while some are appropriate for inbound calls, others are made for outbound calls. So, make sure to consider the following features when shopping around:

  • Skill-Based Routing – With automatic call routing, everybody can save more resources and time. In this setup, callers have various options until they’re connected with the most helpful agents.
  • Call Recording – The best dialer must also record calls for training purposes. It may help you boost your team’s customer satisfaction and productivity.
  • Interactive Voice Response – It’s an electronic voice menu that helps callers decide what agents they wish to be connected to based on their requirements. Callers can hear recorded voice memos that the system automatically plays.
  • Computer Telephony Integration – It connects your phone’s functions to a computer. This feature can quickly turn a computer into a virtual call center. You can incorporate phones into your work processes in just a few clicks.
  • Analytics – It’s an essential feature to check in a dialer as it allows you to prepare a successful dialing campaign and improve your team’s performance. From processing time to missed calls, tracking and analysis functions vary depending on your preferred call center dialers.
  • Warm Calling And Transfer – Warm calling enables you to reach out to customers who have shown interest in your products and services and have been in touch with your business. To ensure a smooth conversation flow, you may start the conversation before the potential customers pick up the phone. On the contrary, warm transfer allows you to talk to your colleagues before transferring calls their way.
  • Live Coaching And Call Whispering – This functionality allows a third party to discreetly join a conversation and provide support to the agents without the customers’ knowledge. With this feature, you can ensure that your agents will provide optimal customer support.
  • Consider Your Company’s Size

Your business size can make a difference when choosing a call center dialer. A predictive dialer is your best option to filter qualified leads if you’re running a mid-sized or a large company with many sales representatives or agents and a massive list of consumers.

Because predictive dialing also helps minimize agents’ idle time, it’s a preferred option to boost efficiency. Power dialers for small call centers with limited lines and few dedicated agents would be a better choice as agents can always be available online to answer connected calls.

Moreover, once you process conversations with improved return on investment (ROI) in mind, a preview dialer is an ideal choice for your company regardless of the number of agents you have. It’s because preview dialers provide more details about the customers, allowing you to personalize calls easily.

  • Know Your Target Prospects Or Customers

Call center dialers must always be determined based on the type of your target customers. The reason is that a wrong dialer may take a toll on your company. For example, a predictive dialer shouldn’t be utilized for valuable prospects because they need a more attention-driven approach call.

Besides, power dialers are a better choice for most business-to-business companies where a sophisticated sales approach is necessary to get past the gatekeepers. For high-value prospects, a preview dialer is a perfect option to move them across the sales funnel.

  • Consider The Dialer’s Usability

Another thing to consider when choosing a call center dialer for your business is its ease of use. If dialers are designed with advanced features that confuse agents, they may not help your business grow and affect your agents’ productivity over time. So, ensure you select a dialer that’s easy to use and won’t give your teams a hard time.

If possible, check whether or not the vendor offers training or technical support. This way, you can prevent possible downtime and ensure that problems with the dialer will be resolved in no time.

  • Take Advantage Of Free Trial Offers

When looking for call center dialers, it may come in handy to take advantage of free trial offers. Dialers with free trials are always worth your time and resources.

A free trial period will help you understand how a dialer will work for you and how it can level up your business. It will also help you determine whether or not a free trial offer fits your unique needs. Therefore, if the vendor offers a free trial package, do your best to make the most out of the dialer so you can make a well-informed decision that benefits your agents and the company.

  • Know Your Lead Source

If you invest a huge amount of money to generate leads, you must ensure that no leads are wasted. In this case, a power dialer is a good idea, which guarantees dedicated agents are always available to answer calls. A preview dialer is also an excellent option for nurturing leads with a longer sales cycle and high ROI.

  • Check The Integration Capabilities

Besides the above factors, you should also check the integration capabilities of the different call center dialers available in the market. This is especially true if your business utilizes various tools, such as lead management software and customer relationship management.

If a dialer allows easy integration, you can guarantee that it will work well with your tools, resulting in smoother business operations. So, before you choose a dialer, check the tools or apps it can integrate and determine if your programs are compatible with the dialer.

Benefits Of Using The Right Dialer For Your Business

Once you choose the right dialer for your business, you can enjoy various benefits, including the following:

  • Improved Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of utilizing the best dialer is that you’ll boost your company’s overall efficiency. Because agents don’t need to dial contact numbers manually, dialers won’t only minimize human errors but also guarantee that your agents are connected to quality leads.

  • Allows Your Business To Provide Superb Customer Experience

Most consumers prefer businesses with excellent customer support. Besides, nobody wants to spend time writing emails to report an issue.

With a dialer, your business can easily provide an immediate response to address your customers’ issues directly. It will improve your brand’s reputation and offer your business other benefits, such as increased customer satisfaction and better customer support. All of these can help you provide a superb customer experience over time.

  • Increases Your Agent’s Productivity

Unlike manual dialing, agents can do more with dialers. They can save more time, which can be used to accomplish other essential tasks, resulting in higher sales. Thus, investing in a dialer is one of your best solutions if you’re searching for ways to increase your agent’s productivity.

Bottom Line

In today’s modern business world, selecting the best dialer that fits your growing needs is imperative if you want to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success in no time. Hence, choose one wisely and remember the tips mentioned here when searching for a call center dialer for your business.

If you’re confused with the options available in the market, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and take advantage of the free trial offers of various vendors. Such an offer will help determine which call center dialer is perfect for your unique needs.


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