Barco ClickShare Announces Smart Meeting Flows for Wireless Conferencing Barco ClickShare Announces Smart Meeting Flows for Wireless Conferencing

Barco ClickShare Announces Smart Meeting Flows for Wireless Conferencing

Barco, the global leader in professional meeting room visualization and collaboration solutions, announces a major software update to its ClickShare product range that includes smart meeting flows for wireless conferencing. Taking ClickShare to the next level of simplicity, the software update introduces a set of features that make hosting hybrid meetings form the laptop a highly intuitive experience. No hassle, no stress.

Designed for better hybrid meetings

The frequency and number of meetings has been steadily increasing over the years, making starting and hosting effective meetings a business priority for many companies. Barco recognizes this need and is launching a simplified ClickShare user experience for Button and App that makes running hybrid meetings from the laptop as simple as making a phone call.

With a revolutionary set of features for a better meeting flow, ClickShare answers the call for more meeting inclusion and brings more confidence to meeting hosts and users. Our intent-based technology makes meetings smarter and more intuitive, reducing stress for participants, solving four of the most frequently encountered hybrid meeting challenges: powering up the meeting room, connecting the laptop to room audio and video devices, joining a meeting from a calendar, and keeping track of contents and people while hosting a hybrid meeting from the meeting room.

Meet with confidence and equity

ClickShare smart meeting flows feature PresentSense, HostFlow, One-Click-Join and ConferenceView to fully automate and enrich the meeting flow for users in the room, making any hybrid meeting a highly intuitive, stress-free experience.

As users walk into the meeting room with their laptop, ClickShare automatically connects to the meeting room using the PresentSense ultrasound proximity detection. With HostFlow users can start a conference from their laptop with ease, as the ClickShare App automatically guides them as meeting host or participant. And with just a single click (One-Click-Join), users can start the meeting from their personal calendar.

Finally, the new ConferenceView function solves the biggest pain of today’s hybrid meetings: keeping the overview as the meeting host. With ConferenceView you can host the meeting from the laptop, share your presentation and keep track of both contents and participants’ video on the meeting room display, side by side, without the need for a dual-screen setup.

What’s more, as the meeting host you can choose to share full screen or just an application window, while keeping your laptop screen private for note taking. So, when you decide to Bring Your Own Device, your laptop is not solely used for hosting video calls and as a host you enjoy the flexibility to work as you prefer.

A wealth of integration options

Barco enriches integration capabilities for ClickShare with digital signage, offering companies an easy-to-use and affordable solution to broadcast general or customized information to guests and employees in the workplace such as welcome messages, news, social feeds, customized and branded content. With ClickShare signage integration customers can maximize their meeting room technology investment and increase the ROI of their meeting spaces. Over the past weeks, digital signage partners Signagelive, Seenspire and Korbyt have joined the ClickShare alliance program bringing additional integration capabilities.

“This spring we’re taking a major leap. Every step of our design process is focused on creating more flow, engagement and interoperability for customers. With intuitive, automated meeting flows, we’re helping customers address the challenges remote meeting participants face with inequality in hybrid meetings. New integration options for signage truly make ClickShare the most advanced agnostic room solution, bringing a superior TCO for a future proof, sustainable and smart workplace,” Michaël Vanderheeren concludes.