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2014 Found to be The Hottest Recorded Year For Planet Earth


According to the latest report, 2014 was indeed the hottest year in recorded history, and this has been found after taking the contributions from 58 countries and 413 scientists from all around the planet.

The new record set in 2014 comes in light with many climate changes that have been hampering the overall global temperature. Concerns include the rise in ocean and land temperature, increasing levels of sea and greenhouse gases.

The report also says that most parts of South Asia experienced warmer climates as compared to average temperatures last year.

For India alone, the mean annual temperature was around 0.52 degree Celsius higher than the average in 1960-90, the study revealed.

According to a TOI post, the report focused mainly on how the climate has been changing, not merely in regards to temperature, but also from the oceans’ depth to the outer atmosphere.

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had compiled the report, and Thomas Karl from the team was quoted saying that the report represents data from different parts of the planet, with hundreds of scientists contributing.

The study was posted in a Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society as a unique supplement and was titled as “State of the Climate in 2014”.

On the whole, 2014 had less cold days and more warm day in all the locations, from where data has been collected. Europe too experienced the warmest year so far on record, with more than 20 countries facing temperatures that exceeded previous records.

The document also said that greenhouse gas emissions continued to rise in 2014, mainly that of nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide.