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NASA’s asteroid-bound spacecraft OSIRIS-REx takes some breathtaking images of Earth during its ‘flyby’

NASA's visionary unmanned spacecraft OSIRIS-REx recently got a gravitational slingshot for its journey towards the Sun orbiting asteroid, Bennu. On September 22, the fuel-saving...

NASA claims to have a plan to stop potential Supervolcano from destroying Earth

Nowadays there is a lot of discussion going around people about the possibility of a third World War and its impact on our Earth....

Huge solar flares and giant sunspots indicate unexpected space weather for the Earth

The Sun is having a thrilling time now-days. After the total solar eclipse and the colorful solar storm lights, the people of the Earth...

Asteroid 2012 TC4 to Zip Safely By Earth on 12th October

A house-sized asteroid, named as 2012 TC4 is going to pass at an extreme proximity to Earth on 12th October. Though scientists yet are...

The Largest Near-Earth Object (NEO) To Whizz Past Earth Next Month

A “potentially dangerous” asteroid, measuring 4.4 km (2.7 mi) across is all set for the relatively closest flyby with Earth in the coming month,...

A beyond-telescope-range Asteroid, expected to fly past earth on 12th October keyed up NASA

Scientists and astronomers from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said that they are extremely “excited” as the mysterious asteroid, named as 2012...

NASA Cassini spacecraft captures Earth as a bright dot between Saturn’s Rings

A new photo released by NASA shows planet earth as a tiny bright dot between Saturn icy rings. A zoomed-in version of the photo...

Earth-like planet GJ 1132b discovered by Chile Astronomers 39 Light Years away

About 39 light years away from the Earth, stands a planet that has been found to have a lot of similarities with our home...

The map of Earth will look like this 250 million years from now!

The Earth did not look like it is today, some few millions years ago and it will not look same some million years from...
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Scientists locate the source of strange radio waves hitting Earth

Humanity has always been enamored by the thought of finding other intelligent beings and civilization. Radio telescopes have been straining their ears to hear...

New theory suggests moon formation from number of moonlets

The Moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. Its origin always has puzzled scientists, and there are many theories about its formation....
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Giant asteroid zoomed dangerously close to Earth

An asteroid which was as big as 10 African elephants whizzed past the Earth at half the distance of the Earth from the Moon,...
"Moon may have formed from a number of moonlets: Report"

Earth’s moon may have formed from number of moonlets, suggests scientists

The Moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. Its origin always has puzzled scientists, and there are many theories about its formation....
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Researchers discover molten iron jet stream in Earth’s core for the first time

A jet stream has been observed in the Earth’s core and a small band of molten iron moving at an ever increasing speed in...
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Scientists reveal world’s biggest diamond hold secrets of deeper Earth

Diamonds as the adage goes are forever, seeped in mystery and deceit. The study of world’s biggest and most famous diamond provides a fresh...