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Hike Enhances its User Experience by New Features for Group Chats

With the newly added features recently introduced in the hike messenger, the groups over Hike shall now have the feasibility of having up to 1000 people at a time. The newly introduced features can be used to conduct opinion polls with voting facility along with Event set up and checklists as well as share the expenses with the Bill Split option. All these features introduced by the Hike Messenger shall be built inside the group chat option which will be available all with a single click. Groups can use additional options such events with reminders along with the fun game of Teen Patti without having to use multiple apps. You can easily control a big group of 1000 members.

The ‘Vote’ option makes it easier to plan all the workings of a surprise birthday party for your friend or deciding which movie to watch during the weekends. As the results are quick and transparent, it helps in conducting an online election for schools or colleges. This microapp makes it easy for the user to express their opinions and preferences with just the use of a single tap.

The Group chat also features a checklist option where you can divide the duties assigned to each and every member for arranging a party starting from the one who is ordering the food to the one who is organizing the games. Upon completion of each assigned task, one can list the same in checklists which will assure that nothing is left out. The new features also include an inbuilt calendar which is exclusive to your group chat that will allow you to get ready and enjoy the party or event in time.

The most important ‘Bill Split’ feature allows the user to share the bill with friends in a well-calculated manner down to the last penny. You can split your house rent or certain utilities that you brought together. You can also give and receive money via the Hike Wallet. The added bonus of Teen Patti lets you play a group based game from the comfort of your home.

Vishwanath Ramarao, CTO, Hike Messenger, commented on the launch of these new social features by saying,” Our new features will make sharing much easier within the group and raise the fun and productivity quotient. We believe that this could be a key driver for groups to come together and do much more in the online world.