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Grand American Eclipse Just Two Months Away

The Americans are eager to witness the occurrence of a total solar eclipse on August 21. The last total eclipse was experienced in 1918. On that day, the dark shadow of the eclipse will cover the coast-to-coast across US sweeping 14 states in the darkness and an impressive view of partial eclipse in all the 50 states of US.

According to NASA, the eclipse is the most expected and commonly observed event in the history of human race. The solar eclipse occurs when an unusual position of the sun and moon emits a shadow on the Earth. The path of totality will pass through the US diagonally, first crossing over Oregon by mid-morning and proceeding later to the coast of South Carolina in the mid-afternoon local times.

The Wyoming is one city that will be directly positioned in the shadow path hence people from other regions are trickling the city to experience the celestial event. NASA uses the data collected on the planetary solar system to precisely predict the shape and mass of the eclipse on the Earth. People in the US will view the eclipse if the skies will be clear. Those who will stand in the ‘path of totality’ will see the stars and other planets as they become more visible.

Eclipses enable people to view the sun’s outer atmosphere in a clear manner compared to the current man-made equipment. Scientists mostly believe that the sun’s region is the main source of the sun’s constant radiation, usually known as the solar wind and also the prevailing bursts of solar elements that are destructive to the satellites and other apparatus.

The much-awaited event is only two months away and people have already set their gears ready to witness the occurrence. The eclipse will be the most accessible thanks to the many advanced tools that will make the views more visible and clearer. More than 10 million citizen of America who lives along the arc of totality path could be lucky to view the eclipse within the comfort of their homes. It will be worth making an effort to experience the rare occurrence of the universe.

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