Google’s third feature drop for Pixel introduces safety tools, bedtime features

Google has started rolling out a new feature drop for its Pixel range of phones, which also is the third in the quarterly series. With this, the focus is on safety and bedtime features for promoting better sleep. Then there is an adaptive battery included as well, along with a new recorder and better Google Assistant functionality.

Bedtime features:

Among the new bedtime features introduced include enhanced functionality for the default Clock app already available on the Pixel phones. The objective of the new feature is to let users develop a habit of getting the requisite amount of sleep every day. Towards that, the feature will help users to fall asleep by playing soft sounds while there is going to be soothing music played when the user wakes up again.

Notifications will be kept at bay while the user is sleeping to ensure the least disturbances. Google will also let users have an idea of the amount of time they have been staying awake even past the time they should be falling asleep along with the app names that kept them busy. These apart, the feature will also apprise users of the events scheduled for the next day.

Personal safety: 

To promote safety, Google is introducing its new Personal Safety app, which includes the ‘Safety Check’ feature. This again is a system wherein you will be expected to check-in to a predetermined placed within a certain time, failing which alerts will be sent out to those the user has marked to be notified in case of an emergency.

The app will also be landing on all Pixel devices this time. Prior to now, the app used to be the sole prerogative of the Pixel 4 device. The feature will be handy when, say the user is setting out on a hike or a trip, maybe in unknown terrain.

Adaptive Battery: 

The new Adaptive Battery is a new feature that uses machine learning technologies to determine the sort of usage the Pixel phone is subjected to by a user. This way, the feature will be able to predict until when the battery is going to last and adopt means to prolong backup times.

Google Recorder: 

With the native Google Recorder first introduced on the Pixel 4 making it to all Pixel devices as well, the same has now been brought under the purview of Google Assistant. What that means is users will be able to ask Google Assistant to start, stop, or pause recording as well as to search for past records as well.

What’s more, Google Docs too has been brought into the loop so that users can save the voice transcripts to Docs. This will allow users to save recordings in a doc file as well, which again make it easy to edit, share and so on in doc format.