Home News Google Pixel 5 specs suggest Snapdragon 768G chipset instead of SD 865

Google Pixel 5 specs suggest Snapdragon 768G chipset instead of SD 865

The Google Pixel 5 is another flagship phone in the making, of which, we have frequent leaks and revelations coming our way. And as per the latest on this, the flagship Google phone for 2020 might feature the Snapdragon 768G that Qualcomm had announced just weeks back.

Now that makes for an interesting combination as it would be the first time a flagship phone from Google that would be built around a mid-range processor that the SD 768G essentially is. That is not to say the SD 768G is not a capable chip but is certainly not in the same league as the SD 865.

Also, while the above can be considered a rumour at best as the same could not be independently confirmed, the one thing that might have prompted Google to opt for a mid-range chip is cost considerations. With phones powered by the top-end SD 865 eventually costing on the other side of $1000, Google might be tempted to keep costs low to ensure their upcoming Pixel is available to a larger audience.

This line of though is also quite self contradicting as Google had earlier stated they intend to offer the best possible user experience with their Pixel range of phones and will feature top-end specs. They had also categorically stated they aren’t interested to compete in the affordable segment. Rather, their Pixel range is aimed at the premium buyers.

So, if Google indeed has decided to field the SD 768G on its Pixel 5 phone, maybe they have reworked their strategies with their flagship phone range. Worth mentioning, they had let go of the Motorola brand which used to be its mid-range phone offering for the masses.

Another consideration that might have prompted Google to opt for the SD 768G is that the chip comes with an integrated 5G modem. That is unlike the SD 865 that is paired with an external modem to offer 5G services. Further, as Daniel Petrov of PhoneArena stated, the external 5G model of the SD 865 limits the usage of a bigger battery, which otherwise is necessary given how power draining 5G can be.

The SD 768G otherwise is quite capable thanks to its 7nm manufacturing process and comes paired with the Adreno 620 GPU. Together, Qualcomm claims it allows for a 15 percent performance enhancement in comparison to the SD 765G.