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Google reportedly working on two Android Wear smartwatches to take on Apple Watch

After Google recently announced the plan to launch its own smartphone, the Mountain View-based search giant is reportedly gearing up to launch its own Android Wear watches. According to reports, the company is currently developing two smart watches named Angelfish and Swordfish.

Based on Google’s AI assistant ‘Google Assistant‘, the two upcoming smart watches were revealed during the Google IO keynote earlier this year.

While Angelfish also called as large-size variant will offer sizes between 42mm and 46mm like that of Moto 360, the smaller model Swordfish will more or less resemble the Pebble Time Round.

The Angelfish watch will boast a thickness which is equivalent to LG’s Urbane LTE with support for LTE, GPS, and a heart rate monitor. Moreover, the watch will feature three buttons featuring a circular crown similar to that of other competing Android Wear devices. We don’t have any details regarding the exact functionality of the other two buttons.

Meanwhile, the Swordfish variant will consist of a single button on the right-hand side and will not feature support for LTE, GPS and heart rate sensor.

As of this writing, we don’t have details regarding when these new smart watches will be officially launched but we expect them to be unveiled separately after the launch of the upcoming Nexus phone and Android Wear 2.0.

Just like Google, Apple is also expected to launch Watch 2 with enhanced features and specifications. There are reports that the upcoming Apple Watch 2 is expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 7 in September. If rumors are to be believed, Apple will release several variants of Apple Watches to suit both budget and premium users with advanced bands and new materials such as palladium, titanium or platinum.

To add more comfortable grip, Apple is likely to introduce a new multi-function band on the upcoming Apple Watch 2, known by its patent name “Magnetic Wristband”. On the specifications front, the Apple Watch 2 will feature an ARM Cortex A32 processor, OLED display, front-facing camera with integrated FaceTime video camera among other features.

Google is also expected to launch its voice-activated speaker named Google Home, which is dubbed as a competitor to Amazon Echo.


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