Google Reinstates Software Features Post Sonos Lawsuit Setback

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In a recent turn of events, Google has started reintroducing software features that were previously removed due to a lawsuit initiated by Sonos. This decision comes after a significant legal ruling that has shifted the momentum in the ongoing patent infringement battle between the two tech giants.

Key Highlights:

  • US District Judge William Alsup dismissed Sonos’ $325 million jury verdict win against Google.
  • Two of Sonos’ primary patents were declared unenforceable and invalid.
  • Sonos was criticized for its delay in raising patent infringement concerns.
  • The legal tussle continues to impact consumers, with Google Assistant missing from Sonos’ latest products.

A Major Setback for Sonos:

In the patent infringement legal battle between Sonos and Google, Sonos seemed to be on the winning side. However, a recent ruling has drastically changed the scenario. US District Judge William Alsup nullified Sonos’ $325 million jury verdict victory against Google. Furthermore, he declared two of Sonos’ crucial patents as unenforceable and invalid. This could potentially hinder Sonos’ ability to challenge other tech companies in court on similar infringement grounds.

Judge Alsup’s decision was rooted in his belief that Sonos was not leading the industry with a novel invention. Instead, he viewed it as a situation where the industry introduced something innovative, and Sonos later claimed to have thought of it first.

The Core of the Dispute:

The crux of the disagreement, as reported by Reuters, is that Sonos allegedly linked two patent applications in 2019 to an earlier provisional application from 2006. This move was an attempt to claim a priority date preceding Google’s product releases and disclosures. This would have placed Google under potential infringement. The judge also highlighted that Sonos made discreet amendments to the documents, which added to his frustration.

Implications for the Tech Industry:

Judge Alsup’s ruling serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges of the patent system. He emphasized that the patent system, with its constitutional foundations, is designed to foster and safeguard innovation. In this case, however, he believed it was misused to penalize an innovator.

Sonos has expressed disagreement with Alsup’s decision on both factual and legal grounds and intends to appeal. The ongoing legal battle between Sonos and Google has ramifications for consumers. Notably, Google Assistant is absent from Sonos’ recent product releases, including the Era 100, Era 300, and Move 2.


The ongoing legal skirmish between Sonos and Google underscores the intricate nature of patent disputes in the tech world. While Sonos plans to appeal the recent ruling, consumers are left hoping for a resolution that restores features and functionalities they have come to appreciate. As the two tech giants continue their legal battles globally, the hope is for a settlement that benefits both companies and their user base.

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