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Google Maps for Android now supports multiple destinations feature

The latest Google Maps Update will now allow Android users to add multiple stops in their journey. Now, with Google Maps, you can plan your road trip with multi-stop directions. The feature will soon be available for the iOS users as well.

How to add multiple stops

Adding multiple stops is easy. The user needs to make sure the s/he is using the latest version of Google Maps. Once it’s updated, open the app and enter the starting and the finishing point. Now, tap on the corner menu and it will present the option for ‘adding stops’.
Once multiple stops are added, they can be re-arranged as well. Tap and hold the three dot menu to the left of ‘add stop’ and drag it to the position you want.

After the stops are re-arranged, Google Maps will render the quickest possible way for reaching the destination through the selected intermediate stops.

Earlier this year, Google released an update for its Maps enabling users to add pit stops to their journey. But the pit stops could only be added to petrol pumps, grocery stores, and landmarks. Now, with the addition of the latest update, Google will help the travellers explore the place like no other mapping system.

The travellers can drive or ride through the routes of their choice while making stops at villages or towns, according to their convenience. The update will attract a lot of explorers in the country as it gives the traveller an option to create a customized route.
For instance, while travelling from Mumbai to Goa, now you can pass through the most scenic routes. Meanwhile, Google will also save the route in case you want to re-visit.

Google has launched the multi-stop feature at an amazing time. Nowadays, most of the cab companies use Google Maps for navigation on a daily basis. Cab operators like Ola or Uber can incorporate this new feature as it will allow the passengers to take diversions in their commute.


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