Home News Google Gemini May Soon Handle Spotify Playback: What to Expect

Google Gemini May Soon Handle Spotify Playback: What to Expect

Google Gemini May Soon Handle Spotify Playback

Google’s AI chatbot Gemini, formerly known as Bard, might soon take a significant step forward in functionality by integrating Spotify playback capabilities. This move would allow users to control their music through voice commands, similar to how Google Assistant operates.

Gemini’s Evolution

Since its rebranding, Gemini has been enhancing its range of functionalities. Initially designed to assist with tasks such as quick searches and image manipulation, the platform is now poised to delve into the realm of music playback. According to leaks and tech reports, a new feature within Gemini will enable users to select their preferred music streaming service, including Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music​.

Integration Details

Screenshots from the Gemini settings page reveal an upcoming “Music” option. This feature allows users to choose their default media provider for music playback. Although the list of supported services is currently empty, the inclusion of this option indicates that Google is preparing to support multiple streaming platforms soon​.

Once this feature is live, users will be able to give voice commands to Gemini to play their favorite tracks, playlists, or albums on Spotify. Commands like “play my last playlist on loop” will likely be supported, enhancing the user experience by providing a seamless way to enjoy music without manually navigating through apps.

Potential Impact

Integrating music playback into Gemini will bring it closer to replacing Google Assistant in terms of functionality. For music lovers, this update means more convenience and flexibility in how they control their music across different devices. Additionally, this integration could lead to Gemini being embedded into various wireless speakers and other smart devices, further expanding its ecosystem​​.

Release Timeline

There is no confirmed release date for this feature, but the readiness of the screenshots suggests that it might be rolled out in the near future. As Google continues to refine Gemini, users can expect more updates and enhancements that will make the AI chatbot a more integral part of their digital lives​​.

Google Gemini’s anticipated integration with Spotify marks a significant enhancement in the platform’s capabilities. By allowing users to control music playback through voice commands, Gemini is set to offer a more versatile and user-friendly experience. Stay tuned for more updates as this feature moves closer to its official release.


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