Google Expands AI-powered Circle to Search to Older Smartphones

Google Expands AI-powered Circle to Search to Older Smartphones
Google's AI-powered Circle to Search feature is now available on older smartphones, enhancing mobile search with intuitive gestures for immediate information access.

Google has taken a significant step in enhancing mobile search by extending its innovative Circle to Search feature to older smartphones, marking a pivotal shift in how users engage with online information. Initially launched on premium devices like the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and Pixel 8 models, this feature is now making its way to more accessible devices, broadening the landscape of instant information retrieval​​.

Circle to Search enables users to search directly from their screen without the need to switch between apps, simply by employing gestures such as circling, highlighting, scribbling, or tapping on the content of interest. This development is designed to streamline the process of seeking information, making it a more intuitive and integrated part of the user’s mobile experience. Whether it’s identifying a landmark in a video, getting details about a restaurant from a chat, or discovering more about fashion items in a photo, Circle to Search promises a seamless transition from curiosity to knowledge​.

At its core, Circle to Search is about minimizing disruption in the digital exploration process. It allows users to immediately act on their curiosity, thereby enhancing the engagement and utility of mobile search. The feature uses a combination of gesture recognition and Google’s advanced AI technologies to understand and process the user’s intent, offering relevant search results instantaneously. This move is not only about providing convenience but also about adapting to the changing ways in which people interact with their devices and seek information​.

The introduction of Circle to Search to older smartphones is a reflection of Google’s ongoing commitment to making advanced technologies accessible to a broader audience. By enabling this feature on a wider range of devices, Google is ensuring that more users can benefit from the latest innovations in AI and mobile search technology. This democratization of technology is pivotal in an era where access to information is increasingly seen as a fundamental need.

The rollout of Circle to Search on older smartphones underscores Google’s vision for a future where search is ubiquitous, intuitive, and deeply integrated into our digital interactions. As the internet becomes ever more saturated with content, features like Circle to Search represent a step towards simplifying the vastness of online information, making it more navigable and immediately usable for everyone.


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