Google Discontinues Google One VPN Due to Low User Engagement Google Discontinues Google One VPN Due to Low User Engagement

Google Discontinues Google One VPN Due to Low User Engagement

Google is discontinuing the VPN feature in Google One subscriptions due to low user engagement, with plans to phase out the service later this year.

Google has announced the discontinuation of its VPN service offered through the Google One platform, attributing the decision to a lack of sufficient user interest. The Google One VPN, which was designed to enhance privacy and security for its users’ internet connections, will be phased out later this year as the company did not see the user traction it anticipated.

Introduced as a feature for Google One subscribers on premium plans, the VPN aimed to provide a secure and private browsing experience by encrypting users’ online activities and masking IP addresses. Despite its potential for privacy protection and its integration into devices like the Pixel 7 at no extra cost, the VPN struggled to attract a broad user base.

The service allowed users to conceal their internet traffic from potential eavesdroppers, including internet service providers and operators of public WiFi networks. It employed an encrypted connection between the user’s device and a remote server, enhancing user privacy by making it difficult to track their online activities or location.

Google One VPN was notably audited by the UK-based NCC Group, which acknowledged the service’s robust security measures. However, the audit also suggested the theoretical possibility of privacy risks given Google’s extensive range of products and services, which could potentially link VPN activity back to specific users despite Google’s commitment to privacy.

This decision to shut down the VPN service follows a pattern of Google discontinuing services that fail to achieve substantial engagement, such as the recent shutdowns of Stadia and Google Duplex on the Web. Like these services, the Google One VPN’s termination underscores Google’s broader strategy of prioritizing resources and focus on products that align more closely with user demand and company goals.

Google plans to continue supporting users and providing refunds where applicable during the transition phase out of the VPN service.

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