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Google extends option to backup data via Google One to all Android and iOS users, for free

Google has announced all Android users are henceforth eligible for automatic backups free of cost via Google One. The offer is applicable to even iOS users, for whom the app is going to be available soon while the Android version of the app is slated for launch in just a few days.

So far, Google One, which served a one-stop solution for all your backup needs, came for a cost which starts at a monthly $1.99 or an annual fee of $19.99 for 100 GB of storage. This would come on top of the 15 GB that is available for free for all. While the storage plans remain, the option to back up user data has been extended to all.

With Google One, you will be able to retain a copy of all vital data on your devices, which include contacts, photos and videos, messages, calendar events, and other app data. The option to back up user data is going to be available in all apps where Google One service is available.

This makes for a protective feature for all Android users as they will have complete peace of mind even if there is a hardware failure or if the software gets corrupted. For iOS users, the Google One service should serve as an additional layer of safety on top of what iCloud already offers. In fact, the feature can well be considered as a replica of the data backup service iCloud has already been offering.

Further, memory management is also going to be easier given that Google One is slated to get a new memory manager as well. This will be available both on the app as well as a website where users will have details of their memory usage pattern. They will also get to delete large files or unwanted emails to free up more storage. And should you need more storage than the free 15 GB that comes by default, you can always opt for a storage plan that suits your need.