Getty Images Partners with Nvidia to Launch AI Image Generator

In a groundbreaking move, Getty Images, a renowned name in the photography industry, has announced its collaboration with Nvidia to introduce “Generative AI by Getty Images.” This state-of-the-art tool empowers users to craft images utilizing Getty’s extensive library of licensed photographs.

Key Highlights:

  • Exclusive Training: The AI, despite its somewhat lengthy name, is exclusively trained on the vast Getty Images library. This includes their premium content, ensuring users receive full copyright indemnification. In simpler terms, any image produced and subsequently published commercially using this tool will have legal protection, as guaranteed by Getty.
  • Nvidia’s Role: Getty’s collaboration with Nvidia involved the utilization of Nvidia’s “Edify” model, which is a part of Nvidia’s Generative AI model library, Picasso.
  • Realistic Image Generation: Early users have praised the tool’s ability to produce images that closely resemble actual Getty-watermarked photos. For instance, when prompted to generate a photo of a ballerina in a specific pose, the tool’s output was not only realistic but also managed to deceive friends of the tester into believing it was a genuine photograph.
  • Limitations and Controls: Getty has implemented certain restrictions on the types of images users can generate. For instance, prompts involving real-world personalities like Joe Biden or artistic styles of renowned artists like Andy Warhol are prohibited. This is in line with Getty’s policy to avoid manipulating or recreating real-life events.
  • Pricing and Access: Users can access the Generative AI tool via the Getty Images website. While the tool comes with a separate pricing structure distinct from the standard Getty Images subscription, the exact prices are yet to be disclosed. However, Getty assures users of perpetual, worldwide, and unlimited rights to any image they create using the tool.
  • Watermarking: True to its brand, Getty will watermark images crafted through the tool, marking them as AI-generated.
  • Legal Battles: Getty’s foray into the AI image domain is not without its controversies. The company has previously taken legal action against other AI image generator developers, accusing them of using Getty photos without proper authorization.

In Conclusion:

  • Getty Images’ venture into AI image generation, in collaboration with Nvidia, marks a significant step in the evolving landscape of AI in the creative domain.
  • The tool’s promise of legal protection for generated images offers a unique selling point, especially for commercial users.
  • With its vast library and stringent controls, Getty aims to set a benchmark in the AI image generation sector, ensuring quality and authenticity.