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Get iFFALCON 4K HDR and FHD Android TV at heavy discounts on Flipkart

Working strenuously on equipping consumers with state-of-the-art TV innovations combined with sophisticated design, cutting-edge technology and futuristic features, iFFALCON from the house of TCL has once again geared up to offer exciting discounts on its next-generation 4K HDR and FHD Android TV. These high-end products will be available during the Flipkart End of Season Sale between June 10th to 17th. So, bring home these powerful devices and get ready to watch fast-paced sports telecasts, high-definition movies, rich and dulcet sound and stream a wide variety of content available on OTT platforms.

Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, Marketing Head, iFFALCON said, “We are delighted to announce that iFFALCON has come up with hefty discounts on futuristic K HDR and FHD Android TV models. The latest iFFALCON sales on Flipkart EOSS perfectly align with our motto and vision to provide every Indian household with smart, high-quality and affordable TV models. iFFALCON has always strived to ensure that premium and high-quality products aren’t subjected to a limited customer base. We intend to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their financial capabilities, is able to afford these innovative products. So, make iFFALCON television a part of your home and revel in the sea of top-quality audiovisual output.

Here’s a brief description of iFFALCON’s technologically advanced TV models available during the June EOSS:

iFFALCON 4K HDR K61 Android TV

iFFALCON K61 series is the definition of high-octane quality, immersive TV-viewing experience and extraordinary design. The device is integrated with 4K HDR, High Dynamic Range (HDR) 10, Micro Dimming and Dolby Audio features. It also comes with highly-advanced Android TV features that allow users to access more than 7000 applications, 700,000+ shows and movies in one place. Moreover, iFFALCON K61 delivers accurate and robust audio, providing consumers with a theater-like experience. In addition, the AI Voice Interaction feature enables users to flip channels and control volume without physically touching the remote, making TV viewing infinitely more comfortable and convenient.

Available in 43-inch and 55-inch, the TV models are priced at INR 24, 999 and INR 34,999, respectively.


The iFFALCON F2A FHD Android TV is embedded with a broad spectrum of highly-advanced features. This TV innovation is integrated with features like Full High Definition (FHD), Micro Dimming, Dolby Audio, Android TV and Google Assistant. This TV model is perfect for users who like to keep it easy and minimalistic but with a touch of sophistication and high-tech. The iFFALCON F2A FHD Android TV makes live-action movies, thrilling video games and speedy sports telecasts relatively more lifelike and immersive, ensuring that the entire video consumption experience is incredibly smooth. In addition, the superior audio technology of the iFFALCON F2A FHD Android TV makes sure that users can get the full reverberance of even the tiniest of sound.

Available in 40-inch, the TV model is priced at INR 18,999. 

So, get ready to buy premium and highly cost-effective iFFALCON TV sets and watch immersive and lifelike audiovisual content in the comfort of your home.