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Four phone repairing tricks everyone should know about

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In today’s’ age, smartphones are an essential part of everyone’s life. From keeping you connected to the world through social media apps to allowing you to check your emails no matter where you are, smartphones are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. For the same reason, our world seems to turn upside down when there’s a fault in our phones – sometimes bringing your entire life to a halt.

In such a situation, you can take your smartphone device to a reliable repairing service like BreakFixNow to get its issues sorted out. However, knowing some easy phone repair hack can come in handy and save your time and money in exchange for some effort. In this blog, we aim at doing just that as we reveal some helpful tips and tricks to repair your phone at home and get your life back on track.

First of all, you need to determine what the root cause of the problem on your phone is. Is your phone being too slow or are you facing too many glitches in the apps? This might be due to an excess of data in the storage so an easy fix is to clear out the cash and delete unnecessary files from the storage. You can also try reinstalling the problem apps and see if the issue is resolved. Similarly, faulty face recognition can due to a number of reasons, including poor background lighting or faulty sensors. In such a case, it’s important to first determine the underlying cause of the problem so that you can take the necessary steps to fix them. Once that is done, you can actually save a few bucks and fix the faults on your phone yourself.

Scratched or Cracked Screen

Have you ever felt your hearts sink when your phone gets dropped on the floor by mistake and feared about having a cracked and broken screen? Well, let us tell you that your concerns are completely legit as smartphone screens are highly fragile and are susceptible to shattering upon high impact. As a result, occurrences of broken screens are quite common but worry not, fixing a broken screen yourself is quite straightforward. All you need to do is get yourself a screen repair kit for your smartphone model and you’ll be good to go.

Facial Recognition Not Working

Many smartphones now offer the feature of facial recognition wherein special sensors work in coordination with the camera to analyze your facial features and unlock the phone or perform other functions. However, facial recognition may fail to work at times due to multiple reasons, as stated above. An easy way to troubleshoot this problem is by ensuring that you scan your face in a well-lit area so that it can closely mimic daylight. In case your face features have undergone a major change, for example, as a result of surgery you can update the facial recognition settings by scanning your face again and saving it for future use.

Battery Draining Too Fast

Another commonly occurring and extremely frustrating issue that you might face in your smartphone device concerns the battery life – that it does not last long enough. This may be due to two reasons: the battery health and battery usage. The batteries used in phones degrade over time and so after a certain period of use, they may not have enough capacity to offer the promised performance and power your device. In such a case, you may need to replace your battery with a new one. Otherwise, the features and apps in your phone may be draining excessive amounts of battery and if this is the cause of short battery life, you need to review your phone settings for optimizing battery usage.

The occurrence of Widespread Bugs

Sometimes you may be facing random issues in all of your apps, making it hard to determine the root cause of the problem. Also, you may be facing issues like a freezing screen or the appearance of colored lines on the display. Under such circumstances, turning off/restarting your phone may come to your rescue by solving the problem on its own and allowing the device to work normally. A simple hack to fix a frozen phone is to force restart it by pressing and holding a combination of keys as specified by your phone’s brand.

Let us warn you that you may not be able to fix all the problems on the phone yourself. Moreover, things might take the wrong turn and you might end up with even more problems than before so you need to be extremely careful when trying to fix your device yourself. With that being said, we hope that these handy tips will save you the hassle of going to the repair shop and come to your rescue when needed.

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