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Easy Ways to Fix iTunes Error 4013 at Home

Apple products are expensive. Not only you have to pay a lot to get your hands on them, if you run into some trouble with the hardware or software, you also have to pay a lot to get it fixed. Some of the most common issues related to iPhones are the iTunes error 4013. This causes your phone to get stuck on the splash screen and remain there forever or until the battery drains out. This error is also called iPhone error 4013 and it’s very common.

This error generally occurs during a system restore of an iOS powered device. It has been observed that the most common Apple devices that encounter this error are iPhone XR and iPhone XS (Max). These devices are very expensive and seeing such a message on your new iPhone can frustrate you a lot. Sadly, this issue is not limited to iPhones only. The iTunes error could iOS device that uses iTunes. This means it could also happen to your iPad and iPod touch. So, after understanding the gravity of the situation here, let’s get into the possible solutions.

Solution 1

If the issue is with your high-end Apple device, we recommend that you refrain from tinkering with your device without any professional help. It is not being implied that you need to take your device to an Apple authorized repair store and pay a kidney to have your issue fixed (authorized Apple repair stores are expensive). You can still fix this issue at home and all you need is a software solution such as Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) that can do the hard work for you.


Using a professional tool always helps you in saving a lot of time and money. You also get less frustrated this way as the software does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is to plug-in your Apple device and click a few buttons. Many people who have used such software reported that their issue was solved in ten minutes. Now, that’s something that you wouldn’t miss out on, would you?

Solution 2

Checking the internet connection and ensuring proper connectivity to the internet is another solution to this problem. It is one of the easiest solutions to this problem and this is why we always recommend checking your internet connection before you start any other solution. Sometimes it happens that your phone is connected to the Internet, but the signals are very weak. Sometimes your phone is on data mode and here you may need to switch to Wi-Fi. If your phone is already connected to Wi-Fi, try sitting near the router to get better reception.

You can also try switching the network on and off to make sure that internet connectivity is strong. The best way to do that is to turn-off your WI-FI router and wait for 10 seconds before switching it on. When you will have a good internet connection, your iTunes will be able to download all the right files and update your firmware properly. Once everything is done the right way there will be no errors and your iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue will be solved.

Solution 3

Another cause for this error is that your iTunes is not updated to the latest version. Many people on Reddit said that they were able to solve this issue by updating iTunes. Since this software is crucial to both updating and restoring processes, you must always use the latest version.

Some people have encountered iPhone Error 4013 while trying to restore their iOS device with an outdated version of iTunes. The result was, their Apple device was stuck at the apple logo and they had to go through lots of worries. If you are experiencing a similar issue, we recommend that you try updating your iTunes to the latest version. It will solve this issue.

Updating iTunes is simple and you can easily do it from your iPhone device. In many cases, the phone gives you a message notification to download and install the new version. Never ignore such messages and always update your phone to the latest version. You will find that a lot of issues have been solved after every update and your phone is now even smoother and faster.

Solution 4

This may come as a surprise to you, but we have seen this little and very simple solution work for many Apple devices. Apple is a company that invests heavily in its software to offer the best experience to its users. This is why sometimes when we restart our device, we find all such issues solved. This simple solution should never be missed out one.

In some cases, errors like 4013 are a result of an internal software glitch that is temporary and can easily be solved with a simple software reset. There are instances where a simple reset fails to do the trick. In this case, we recommend that you go for a “hard reset” option. It is also called a complete reset and it removes the extra files that are bothering your iOS. Once you have done the hard reset you can proceed to update your phone iOS and using the backup feature to have your data restored.

Solution 5

Here is another interesting solution to the iPhone error 4013. In the case where iTunes is updated, the internet connection is fine and you have done multiple resets and nothing seems to work, we recommend that you use a different USB cable and try again. Sometimes during updating your USB cable, connector or port may malfunction and cause such errors. You can always replace them and redo the process. It is recommended that you but a genuine accessory from Apple store avoid such issues.

Ending Words

These were the solutions that have worked for numerous people out there. If you are clever and have the energy to repair your iPhone device yourself, you can save yourself a lot of money. In an event where you think that you are not quite well versed in repairing iPhones, its best that you use professional software to repair it for you.

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