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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing an Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is still the dominating and most effective form of digital marketing strategy today. It will continue to do so in the coming years because emails are personal to everyone. In a business sense, email marketing allows businesses to directly reach out to their customers, thus increasing business engagement, exposure, and sales.

But before diving into email marketing, a marketer must create an email marketing plan first. When they’re done, then comes the part of implementing the marketing strategy. And the first part of the implementation is to choose the right email marketing platform for their needs. So what are the factors to consider? Let’s dig deeper into the topic.

1. Essential Features

Features are the individual tools in an email marketing platform that make your email marketing experience easy and effective. You need to be meticulous about the features in choosing an email marketing software because they allow you to plan, execute, and monitor your email campaigns.

For example, your marketing tool needs to have an A/B Testing feature. This feature lets you experiment with different email marketing templates, email body colors, subject lines, and personalization strategies and then show stats on which differing marketing elements have better engagement rates.

There are other features like Form Builders. This feature’s function is to create and edit the appearance of your sign up form, reCAPTCHA confirmation, sign up response email, and the signup confirmation + final welcome message. The form builder feature also gives you the sign-up form URL for sharing to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even your email campaigns.

You also need to consider the Conversion Tracking feature. Do you want to know how many of your email recipients opened your emails, added your products to their cart, visited your site through your email campaign link, and made a purchase in your store? That’s what conversion tracking does. It tells you how well your email campaigns are doing in real-time.

Lastly is the Message Automation feature. Message automation helps you a lot, especially when new customers subscribe to your mailing list. As a professional email marketer, you need to help your customers welcome your customers. Once your customer registers, your email marketing software will automatically send new subscribers a welcome email through message automation. This then builds customer trust and loyalty while increasing engagement rates.

2. Ease of use

Email marketing, or digital marketing, in general, is complicated with much jargon. Not to mention the various features you have to operate for marketing efficiency. That’s why you need to pick an email marketing software with a user interface that’s simply designed. Think of Mac OS X’s interface where you can find anything easily instead of Windows, which is more complicated.

3. Cost

While email marketing software should provide you with a vast array of features to use, you must also consider its pricing. Most marketing platforms offer complete features but have expensive fees. Choose an email marketing software with a flexible subscription plan based on the features you want to avail.

You don’t need to use all the features in an email marketing platform from the get-go. You still need to do IP warming. Going straight to using a full-featured email marketing software with a small mailing list of email marketing campaigns will make you incur substantial financial losses.

4. Third-party integration

In order to make your email marketing platform better, it must be closely and easily integrated with other analytic systems like Google Analytics or email sending services like Amazon SES. Most email marketing software options are already integrated into such third-party services, and these services function as essential email marketing software features.

What you need to do is research more about the performance of these third-party services. You can start by reviewing the refresh rate of analyzed data in real-time, maximum email sending volume per day/week/month/year, and how reliable the services are. As you may know, some of these third-party services may experience downtimes that could mess with your marketing endeavors, such as standing out in your recipients’ inboxes.

5. Available learning resources for beginners

As an email marketer beginner, you shouldn’t just go for the simply-designed user interface of email marketing software. When you get confused about the features such as what they’re for, how they function, and how to operate them.

When choosing an email marketing platform, it should provide you with a user manual and 24/7 customer support so that you can get help whenever any problems arise.


To choose the best email marketing platform, determine your needs for email marketing first, and find the corresponding features that cater to those needs. Then, pick an email marketing platform that offers a flexible subscription plan so you can get the tools you need at an affordable price.

Look at the user interface of the email marketing software. If you’re a beginner in email marketing, choose the simple UI. See to it if there’s an instruction manual to the platform and 24/7 customer support so that you can have a smooth email marketing experience.

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