Facebook testing public group chat feature Rooms in select markets

Facebook is currently testing a public group messaging service in select markets for those users who are unable to make use of chat rooms. According to reports, the social media giant is scheduled to roll out a new feature named Rooms as part of Facebook Messenger.

As a user, you will be able to set Rooms via public group messaging as private and accept new additions. However, this process requires administrator approval. You should note that the use-cases for the upcoming feature are wide and needs to be experienced to leverage the full potential.

What is Rooms feature and how will it work?

The Rooms feature will enable people to establish connectivity around the topics they would like to discuss via messaging without making use of the traditional Facebook group. The new feature will be useful for organizing events or sending alerts.

Based on available reports, the new Rooms feature will launch in Australia and Canada. Facebook is planning to make use of these markets for testing before the official launch in the US and other international countries such as India.

The public group messaging system works in such a way that every Room can be able to focus on specific topics. They can accommodate both people, friends, and strangers. This will offer separation from group chats, which includes family and friends.

Previously, Facebook had used a standalone app named Rooms but failed to generate adequate user interest. However, the latest Messenger offering utilizes learning’s from the previously conducted tests and experiments.

Industry analysts are of the opinion that the latest addition is meant to encourage public conversations about the various trending topics and interests. Facebook is regularly testing new features to drive the attention of users and also to engage in healthy conversations instead of simply using the Facebook messenger. This will help users to interact with each other during the emergency purposes.

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