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Facebook Messenger for Android gets better with Data Saver feature


Facebook is reportedly testing a unique data saver feature in its Facebook Messenger app meant for Android. According to reports from multiple users, they are now able to view a new option in the Settings menu of the Facebook Messenger app for Android. This feature is available for both smartphones and tablets.

Located below the Notifications & Sounds option, the Data Saver option is disabled by default. The main function of this new feature is that you will be forced to download images and videos only upon a click. This will save your valuable bandwidth when you are using cellular data. The Data Saver page also displays the estimated capacity of the saved mobile data including a reset counter.

If you enable this feature, the downloading of images and videos will be deactivated. This will, in turn, enable you to save bandwidth if you are on to go over a cellular connectivity.


The Facebook Messenger will not download photos and video without your consent. If you wish, you can give consent by clicking on the relevant media. You should note that this feature will only work when your handset is connected via a cellular network.

As part of the Data Saver feature, the Facebook Messenger will automatically keep track of the total capacity of data you have saved. It is possible to reset the counter from the settings menu.

According to industry analysts, the new Data Saver feature is an attempt by the social media giant to cater to markets where cellular bandwidth is still a precious commodity. Previously, the company launched Facebook Lite app coupled with a light-weight Facebook Messenger Lite.

As of writing this, this feature is available only in the US. We hope Facebook will gradually roll out the feature to other countries in the upcoming days.