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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Amit Khatri, Co-founder at Noise

Amit Khatri is the Co-Founder at Noise, an Indian aspirational connected lifestyle brand. Under Amit’s supervision, Noise has seen a phenomenal growth trajectory and has become one of the bestselling brands in India. His knack for creativity and an eye for detail has helped Noise come up with some of the most exquisite products over the years.

His role in Noise is centred on driving product vision and strategy, shaping the business aesthetics, and innovating the technology. He brings together the two most important aspects for the company technology and innovation. He heads strategy for design and operations.

With over thirteen years of experience in the retail and supply chain domain, Amit’s expertise lies in the field of technology, and innovation. Being a graduate from the National Institute of Fashion and Technology his vast experience in fashion and technology makes him a thought leader for the up and coming tech-driven world.

 We thank Mr. Amit to have this exclusive discussion with us and answering our questions. The interview went like this:

  1. How did it all start and how’s it going?

The vacuum in offering in the market for connected lifestyle devices promoted us to sojourn to solving this for the Indian millennial. A personal problem aligned with a market need gap led to the foundation of Noise.

I and Gaurav believed in listening to the noise within – dil ka shor before conceiving the concept of Noise in 2018. It is also our brand’s core belief to believe in ourselves. Our brand is all about offering quality, innovation, and technology.

We have a focused approach of customer-centricity that is to offer tailor-made products basis the requirements of Indian consumers. We interacted with several customers to connect with their demands, and that is when we understood that this market was promising. Basis the insights and data-driven information we gathered, we curated industry-competitive products with tech-forward features. Since then, we have launched over three score products in its wearable and hearable portfolios and have become one of India’s leading brands.

  1. What are the strategies and decisions taken to make Noise India’s No. 1 brand as per IDC?

Noise has been ranked as India’s No.1 Wearable Watch Brand as per IDC for 6 quarters as per shipment units. We have always believed in understanding our customers’ needs before launching the products. Blending this approach with data-driven design and development helped us to curate products that can offer tech-advanced products and features. We are consistently connected with our customers through calls and feedback sessions to know their views and what more they are looking forward to. These calls help us to upgrade our products.

In 2021, we have launched some of our key products like ColorFit Ultra (the path-breaking mightiest screen and display), X-Fit (in association with HRX), Brio (the lightest and the slimmest watch), and ColorFit Pro 3 Assist (with built-in Alexa). We are geared up for the next year’s line-up that will be equally compelling, innovative, and futuristic. We’re offering cutting-edge lifestyle gadgets to consumers.

  1. How are you guys planning to bring the products to the offline market at such competitive pricing?

Noise is a homegrown brand, has successfully reinforced its position as a market leader in the smartwatch category (being No1 6 times in a row) and is one of the Top3 brands in the TWS category as well. Noise has a wide presence across 8000 outlets of partnered retail chains such as Vijay Sales, Reliance Digital Poorvika Mobiles, Sangeetha Mobiles, and other leading regional and national retail chains.

We are continuously expanding our horizons to come closer to the customers. Our partnership to intensify our retail presence with Vijay Sales, Croma and Reliance Digital is a testimony to this commitment and now we are also expanding regionally when it comes to the offline space. Today, Noise has a growing community of more than 4.5 million Noisemakers PAN India and growing with every passing day.

  1. How does Noise is making it possible to provide such cutting-edge features in their lifestyle products at such a low price?
  • Being a homegrown business and with the entire product design incubated in-house, it allows us to design products keeping a solution in mind as opposed to adding to unnecessary costs
  • We are the front runners in innovation and on alpha programs with chipset manufacturers allowing us early access and low costs.
  • Noise was set up with a vision to democratize consumer tech for Indian millennials so we keep costs under check and overheads low to pass on the cost-benefit to our community.
  1. Tell us about the recent partnership with Bragi. What’s the motive behind that?

We are glad to bring Bragi on board as our technology partners. Noise is the first homegrown brand to partner with the inventor and largest intellectual property owner of true wireless headphones. Bragi has delivered the most innovative technology and emerged as one of the leaders in the world within a short span. The long-term partnership with Bragi to infuse smart hearable devices in India will enable us to transform the Indian market. With this, the Noisemakers will be able to leverage the next generation of features in TWS – never seen before in India. This partnership is in line with our vision to introduce more intelligent products and continue to innovate for the Indian market.

Noise is already amongst the top hearable brands in India. With this partnership, we intend to offer hi-tech and revolutionary products to the Noisemakers and become India’s No. 1 hearable brand in the coming days. We will soon be launching the debut product of its range.

  1. What’s the future roadmap for the brand?

We have witnessed exponential growth 17x growth in 30months and are thriving to sustain the momentum. We are committed to offering innovative products and soon will be launching some of the industry-first gadgets in wearable and hearable categories. In addition to this, we are focusing on expanding our offline footprints to be present at the nearest retail outlet and easily accessible to the customers. We will be strengthening community initiatives to be more connected with the Noisemakers. It will help us in solidifying our relationship with Indian consumers.

  1. Anything you would like to add?

I would just like to add that Noise has championed and is why we were called Noise from inception is that of cutting through the clutter of external sounds and listening to the noise within – our dil ka shor! Do your thing, follow your dreams coz the world is your oyster and we will partner with you in your journey of excellence – in your quest for the best.