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Elica launches its latest i-SMART range of inverter chimneys in India

Elica PB Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances Private Limited has announced the launch of its latest range of kitchen chimneys named i-SMART Kitchen Hoods. The chimneys feature inverter technology that makes them energy efficient. The chimneys also are fitted with Brushless DC motor for now. The company said all of this makes the chimneys extremely power efficient and can lead to energy savings of up to 60 percent. Another useful feature of the chimneys are that they can operate under varying voltage conditions which can range from as low as 40V to all the way up to 280V. Plus, they can also function when connected to home inverters as well.

Apart from being able to function to the optimum under varying voltage conditions while also being extremely power efficient as well, it also boasts of several features not seen in other chimneys of its class. Take for instance the Deep Silence 2.0 Technology that makes them extremely quiet in their operation, something comparable to the company’s EDS range of chimneys. The Deep Silence 2.0 Technology that has been patented by Elica ensures drastically reduced airflow noise that makes them operate in silence.

All of this however does not come at the expense of suction power. Rather, the company said the i-SMART range of chimneys is able to exhibit suction power of up to 30 feet of ducting. Plus, there is also the Intelli-Speed feature which automatically adjusts the speed to up to 2500 RPM. This ensures the suction power remains consistent most of the time. Elica also said the chimneys also come with Baffle Filter and Filterless Heat Auto-Clean options as well.

Other highlights of the i-SMART range of kitchen chimneys include its Motion Sensors along with the Capacitive Touch Controls it comes with. The company is also promising a lifetime warranty on the chimneys that it said have been made entirely in India. That is not all as the i-SMART range of kitchen chimneys comes in a range of stylish designs and sizes to suit every taste and requirement. They also come fitted with LED lamps with the entire thing capable of lending a dash of style to your kitchen.