Elephone W2 Smartwatch coupled with P9000 coming soon

Elephone has a wide variety of smart devices in its portfolio including phones, e-cig and action cameras. What’s lacking is a proper smartwatch. Finally, Elephone has released a teaser of Elephone W2 – a new smartwatch with an analog dial.

On the basis of the teaser image, all we can say right now is that Elephone W2 is probably not a real smartwatch, but a fitness tracker in the appearance of an ordinary watch. The smartwatch is likely to have a heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, sleep monitor and alarm features in it.

Whereas, the pricing and the availability of the Elephone W2 is still unknown. If we receive any additional information regarding the Elephone W2 smartwatch, we will make sure to let you know, till then stay tuned with us.


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