Dyson Launches Clean Trace AR App to Enhance Cleaning Precision Dyson Launches Clean Trace AR App to Enhance Cleaning Precision

Dyson Launches CleanTrace AR App to Enhance Cleaning Precision

Discover Dyson’s new CleanTrace AR app, available June 2024, designed to perfect your cleaning routine by showing real-time areas you’ve missed. Compatible with Gen5detect vacuums.

Dyson has introduced a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) application called CleanTrace, designed to revolutionize home cleaning with its latest Gen5detect vacuum models. Available from June 2024, this innovative tool utilizes AR technology to provide real-time visual feedback on areas cleaned, ensuring no spot is missed. The app overlays virtual “cleaned” paths on your actual floors, which can be viewed through your smartphone, helping to improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.

The CleanTrace app is inspired by the meticulous cleaning patterns of Dyson’s 360 Vis Nav robot vacuums, emphasizing a methodical approach to cleaning that contrasts with typical human cleaning habits, which often involve redundancy and missed spots. Dyson’s internal studies highlight this issue, showing that people generally overestimate the time they spend cleaning and underestimate the thoroughness of their efforts.

One of the standout features of the app is its ability to control devices remotely. Users can adjust settings, schedule cleaning sessions, and now, with the addition of AR, visually identify areas in their environment that may have been overlooked during cleaning. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that no spots are missed, which is a common issue in routine cleaning.

Moreover, the MyDyson app provides real-time monitoring of devices, sending notifications about maintenance needs or when it’s time to replace filters. The app also includes features for automatic firmware updates, enhancing the functionality and longevity of connected devices.

Notably, the app uses your smartphone’s capabilities, specifically leveraging LiDAR technology for precise spatial mapping, to track cleaning paths. This feature paints cleaned areas digitally, allowing users to visually confirm that every part of the floor has been vacuumed. For a seamless user experience, Dyson also plans to offer a custom phone clamp, making it easier to manage the smartphone while vacuuming.

However, the CleanTrace app is exclusively compatible with Dyson’s Gen5detect models and requires an iPhone 12 Pro or later, equipped with LiDAR, limiting its availability to users with these specific devices. The product comes with a premium price tag, as these advanced vacuums start at around $949.99, positioning the app as both a high-tech cleaning aid and a strategic move to enhance the appeal of Dyson’s high-end vacuums.

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