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Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Ushers in a Bold Era with Subclass Mix and New Foes

Dive into Destiny 2: The Final Shape, featuring subclass mixing, new enemies wielding Darkness powers, and a journey into the Traveler’s heart.

In an ambitious leap forward for Destiny 2, The Final Shape expansion is poised to redefine the gaming experience for its vast player base. Set to launch on June 4, 2024, after a slight delay from its original February release date, this major update brings a mix of exhilarating new features, including the introduction of subclass mixing and the unveiling of a fresh enemy faction for the first time in years​.

At the heart of the expansion is the Confrontation with the Witness, a formidable antagonist whose designs threaten the fabric of reality itself. Guardians are summoned to embark on a perilous journey into the heart of the Traveler, a quest that promises to culminate the prolonged War of Light and Darkness with high stakes​.

The setting of this epic showdown is no less impressive. Unlike previous expansions that have introduced new planets, The Final Shape takes players inside the Traveler to the Pale Heart, a space that evolves dramatically as players progress through the story. This marks Destiny 2’s first linear destination, offering a unique blend of familiar landscapes and new, menacing environments​​.

A highlight of the expansion is the innovative approach to subclasses. Guardians can look forward to wielding new powers with the introduction of one new Super per class, alongside a set of new Aspects for the Light subclasses. Notably, these enhancements are designed to augment the existing framework rather than replace it, injecting fresh dynamics into the gameplay without overhauling the core mechanics​​.

The Solar Warlock, Void Titan, and Arc Hunter each receive a powerful new Super, ranging from the Warlock’s ability to empower allies with Solar energy to the Titan’s throwable Void axes, and the Hunter’s teleportation via an Arc throwing knife. These additions promise to enrich the tactical diversity and personalization of Guardians’ loadouts​.

Equally exciting is the introduction of Subjugators, a new enemy faction wielding Darkness powers such as Stasis and Strand. These foes are designed to control the battlefield, adding a layer of strategic depth to combat encounters. Unlike their predecessors, Subjugators can summon reinforcements, positioning them as formidable “commanders” of the Witness’s forces​​.

In terms of armament, The Final Shape does not disappoint. The expansion brings a mix of exotic weapons, including Tessellation, a unique Stasis/Strand Fusion Rifle, and the return of iconic Destiny 1 Exotics like the Khvostov 7G-0X Auto-Rifle and the Red Death pulse rifle, now revamped for the current gameplay environment​.

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