Home News DataWind PocketSurfer GZ with free one year Internet launched for Rs. 1499

DataWind PocketSurfer GZ with free one year Internet launched for Rs. 1499

DataWind PocketSurfer gx

DataWind has launched PocketSurfer GZ in India with Linux operating system for Rs. 1,499. The company has established a partnership with Reliance Communication to offer free one year of web browsing for all customers who purchase the device. Although the company has released the device, there is no information about the specifications. According to company sources, the launch of a smartphone at Rs. 1499 is a step in right direction. It will improve the connectivity in the developing and emerging nations like India.

Commenting on the launch of PocketSurfer GZ, Suneet Singh Tulli, CEO of DataWind disclosed that the company is focused on launching new cost effective devices to enable people from all walks of life to experience new technology. Moreover, the company is gearing to release new products which are not only productive but also affordable. He said that technology will derive its true meaning in the near future.

Meanwhile, Tulli stressed that there is an emergency need of low-cost handsets. The company feels the importance of hands-free communication to a great extent. Hence, there is a strong need to rapidly spread this technology to every corner of the world.

To bridge the digital divide, the company is aiming to break the affordability barriers and bandwidth constraints of networks. We are committed to establishing connectivity with the people of India at a whole new level, adds Tulli.

Previous Datawind PocketSurfer GZ smartphones with Internet plan

Previously, the company had sold PocketSurfer 2G4X, PocketSurfer 3G4X, PocketSurfer 3G 5 and PocketSurfer 3G4Z smartphones with bundled free Internet plans. The PocketSurfer series of smartphones are available between Rs. 2,499 to Rs. 5,999. The Amritsar-based company is well known for the manufacture of low-cost tablet devices.

Latest trend of Datawind in Indian market

According to IDC, Datawind had an overall market share of 27.6 percent. The product sales increased substantially to a strong 33.5 percent during Q1 2016, when compared to the previous quarter. However, the overall tablet market scenario continues to remain flat in India in 2016. This is due to the adoption of bigger smartphones, which is equipped with enhanced features than a bigger tablet.

Other Datawind products

In addition to PocketSurfer series of smartphones, Datawind also sells a wide range of tablets such as Ubislate 3G10Z, Ubislate i3G7, Ubislate 3G7Z, Ubislate 9W, Ubislate 10Ci, Ubislate 7DCX, Ubislate 7DCX+, Ubislate 7SC*, Ubislate 7DC* starting at Rs. 3999. The company also released UbiClass mobile app, which enables students to watch lectures easily with quick quizzes.

Besides India, Datawind has established offices in London, Canada, and the United States.

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