WhatsApp reaches 430 million active users

The innovative creators of WhatsApp are taking immense pride in the phenomenal success their mobile app is enjoying these days. The cross-platform mobile messaging app facilitates the user to send, receive and broadcast messages among friends, acquaintances, relatives, groups, colleagues and many other.

With a tag line of Simple. Personal. Real time messaging. WhatsApp has been successfully expanding its user base. Such is the craze across the demographics, the messaging platform users have swelled to 430 million actively enjoying the services.

Until the last August 2013 WhatsApp had reported 200 million active users worldwide, while today it has doubled in size and number. The app can be downloaded from the website for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android and Windows phone.

At present, the business model adopted by WhatsApp is working perfectly; the users can download the app and enjoy it free for a year. After a year, it can be renewed by paying subscription fee as small as Rs. 50 for the next one year. The consumers will not hesitate to pay realizing and experiencing the benefits of the app.

The primary reason WhatsApp was able to strike a cordial relationship with consumers is its ability to send, receive messages free that uses the same internet data plan for sending the mails and web browsing. Thus, one can send unlimited messages at no cost.

Secondly, the application is Ad-free. The company even claims of not storing and employing the personal information of the users for any commercial gains.

Continuing its upward trend, WhatsApp is now able to send 50 billion messages per day up from 20 billion per day, experts too believe it has already surpassed its global competitor SMS by the numbers.

WhatsApp also allows its active users to create groups and send unlimited images, audio and video media messages besides basic messaging facility. Growing at such a pace has not made the creators to compromise with their principle, of bringing rich, reliable and affordable messaging platform for every phone in the world.


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