Consumers install apps without being aware of the consequences, says Kaspersky Labs research report

Kaspersky Lab, in the recently published “Are you cyber savvy?” research report, has revealed that consumers are installing a wide range of apps on their smartphones and tablets without being aware of the potential consequences and security hazards.

While nearly 63% of consumers neglect to read the lengthy license agreement before the installation of the app, 20% users never read messages during the process of app installation. The report further states that consumers just click ‘next’ and ‘agree’ options without knowing what they are actually doing.

Among 18507 consumers who were quizzed about their online habits, nearly 1459 consumers were from the UK and the highest among all countries. The survey also gathered results from 1348 consumers based in India and 1394 tech savvy users from the Philippines, which accounted to second highest among all countries.

While 24% of users could identify an original web page, as many as 34% of consumers revealed that they download files with an .EXE extension, which could be a malicious program.

Coming to password generation, only 28% of users were aware of the need to make use of a strong password with 14% of people always use one single password for all services. When it comes to the usage of devices, nearly 13% of users used to log in with any available device without considering privacy.

The “Are you cyber savvy?” research data also disclosed that nearly 29% of respondents doesn’t ever thought of protecting their systems and mobile devices ahead of online shopping since they believe that websites of major ecommerce companies are well protected.

Even though 12% of users preferred to instantly add friends on social networking sites like Facebook without going through their past history, nearly 19% of consumers responded with the information that they disable antivirus software due to various reasons.

The “Are you cyber savvy?” research report runs 27 pages with a detailed analysis of all aspects of cyber security with images and graphs.


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