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This store in Sweden is solely run by a Smartphone App without a single employee

You may have heard of automated payment systems enabled via NFC to make purchases at a superstore. But you’ve probably never heard of this. ‘Naraffar’ a local supply and grocery store in Sweden, works completely unmanned from opening the door, to letting you pick your products yourself and scanning their barcodes to pay for it.

The owner of the store Mr. Robert Illijascon serves 4,200 residents of the small town of Viken through his modern store. Not too many stores in the town are open during wee hours and the automation in his store lets it stay open 24-hours of the day and 365-days of the week.


An app devised by the owner himself allows customers to sign-up for purchases from the store. The account used on your store app is linked with your bank account and all new customers undergo a credit check before their user-id’s are activated. The app lets you open the store door via your mobile device, allows you to scan barcodes of products with your smartphone’s camera and lets you make an online payment for the inventory you have scanned.

If you’re wondering how this works well, the store operates on ‘trust’. Not that the owner does not employ security measures of his own: he receives a text alert on his phone if the store’s main-door has been broken or tampered with, or even if it is kept open for more than 8 seconds.

While other international chain stores such a Waitrose and ASDA in the UK have integrated technology to complete purchases in fragmented aspects of the supply chain process, ‘Naraffar’ has taken in-store-experiences a notch further by allowing sales to continue totally unmanned.