CoD 2020 may not have Battle Royale Mode, CoD: Warzone gets Duos mode in Battle Royale

A new report has claimed that the Call of Duty 2020 will not be having a battle royale mode. The report has its origins with Tom Henderson, who is believed to be privy to inside information on the matter and is considered quite reliable with his predictions on matters related to the popular first person shooter game.

Henderson took to his Twitter account to reveal the above, claiming that the plan at the moment is to integrate Warzone into Call of Duty 2020, given that there is no Battle Royale mode forthcoming. Henderson also speculated that Warzone might be accessible from within the CoD 2020 menu itself. This should apply to those who might have already downloaded the game on their PS4, Xbox One consoles, or even their PCs as well.

However, let us also not forget the above is still rumor at best and will remain so unless we have any official confirmation on the same. Fortunately, we will not have to wait for long for the reality to emerge, given that the future installment of the game is due sometime soon. Plus, there also are chances of it finding mention at the next big console launch event at the moment, the big Sony event where it’s all new PlayStation 5 is set to be launched.

In another related development, Activision, the company that developed the CoD: Mobile, has confirmed that Season 7 of the game is due out from next week itself and will likely include an expanded Battle Royale map. Apart from that, the forthcoming Season 7 will also include the Radioactive agent theme and should come with new skins and outfits as well.

Meanwhile, according to an Engadget report, Call of Duty: Warzone has a new Duos mode for Battle Royale where you can team up with a friend or an accomplice to fight out your enemies in Verdansk. As usual, it is always the last pair standing that would be the winner.

Watch out for more on this as it happens.

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