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Canada Police break BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) encryption since 2010

Law enforcement officials in Canada have managed to hold the capacity to eavesdrop on messages sent between BlackBerry cell phones subsequent to not before 2010 with the help of an encryption key it got. The disclosure was made in court records accessed by an online magazine, Vice alongside its sister publication, Motherboard.

The records demonstrate that the case was split when the authorities could successfully crack the private messages on BlackBerry Messenger Service, an application known for its robust encryption and security. The Canadian federal police further utilized an interception server to eavesdrop on messages implied for different parties

This disclosure comes when issues related to privacy and security are at its peak, The government office was squeezing Apple to fabricate an indirect access to give powers access to information on the iPhone having a place with one of the San Bernardino shooters. The FBI, at last, dropped that interest after it figured out how to crack the iPhone with a third-party intervention.

It was not known how law enforcement officials got the key. It was likewise vague whether BlackBerry has changed the encryption code following the trial.

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