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Baldur’s Gate 3: Player’s Most Popular & Bizarre Choices Revealed

Larian Studios, the developers behind the highly-anticipated Baldur’s Gate 3, have revealed some fascinating insights into player behavior since the game’s Early Access launch in October 2020. Analyzing player data, the team has discovered the most popular choices players make, as well as some of the strangest and most unexpected.

Key Highlights:

  • Most Popular: Paladin, Sorcerer, Fighter classes & Elf, Human, Half-Elf races
  • Least Popular: Monk, Ranger, Cleric classes & Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling races
  • Players frequently engage in strange behaviors like petting animals & pushing objects
  • Devs are impressed by players’ creativity and willingness to explore
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to see strong player engagement and development progress

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Popular Choices & Class Balance

The data reveals that the most popular classes among players are Paladin, Sorcerer, and Fighter, while the Monk, Ranger, and Cleric see less frequent selection. This may indicate player preferences towards classes with strong offensive capabilities and clear roles in combat.

In terms of race, players appear to favor the classic fantasy choices of Elf, Human, and Half-Elf. The Dwarf, Gnome, and Halfling races are less popular, possibly due to their perceived limitations in certain gameplay situations.

Unconventional Approaches & Player Creativity

Beyond the statistically popular choices, Larian is also surprised and delighted by the unexpected ways players are engaging with the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. The developers report instances of players frequently petting animals, pushing objects around, and generally interacting with the environment in unexpected ways.

This playful and exploratory approach demonstrates the depth and detail that Larian has poured into the game world. It also highlights the creativity and willingness of players to experiment and discover hidden secrets.

Classic Choices Endure: Elves, Humans, and Half-Elves Populate the Party

When it comes to race selection, players seem to gravitate towards the established fantasy staples. Elves, Humans, and Half-Elves dominate the character pool, possibly due to their familiarity and versatility within the RPG genre. While Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings are less frequently chosen, their unique strengths and role-playing potential still offer compelling options for adventurous parties.

Continued Development & Strong Community Engagement

Baldur’s Gate 3 remains in Early Access, with Larian actively collecting player feedback and implementing improvements based on community input. This dedication to iterative development and interaction with players is fostering a strong and engaged community around the game.

With regular updates, content expansions, and a vibrant community, Baldur’s Gate 3 is on track to deliver a truly immersive and expansive RPG experience upon its full release.

Looking Ahead

The insights from player data and community feedback offer valuable information for Larian as they continue to develop Baldur’s Gate 3. By understanding player preferences and encouraging unconventional gameplay, the team can create an even more engaging and memorable experience for players of all backgrounds and playstyles.