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ASUS Rog Strix Z390-E Gaming Motherboard Review


Most probably, a huge amount of people know about ASUS. Due to this, it is never in need of a detailed introduction. It is a prime consideration for PC gamers because of the prime quality it provides. Besides this, the Republic of Gamers (ROG) is in the same line as ASUS. In the market, they both shine with each other. ASUS is now the top preference for real game lovers.

Today, I am going to review the ASUS brand gaming motherboard. It is because of its new Intel chipset, Z390.

ASUS Rog Strix Z390-E one of the best Intel Core i7 9700K motherboard and you can read the detailed guide on Gaming Cutter.


Features of ASUS ROG STRIX Z390

This motherboard will fully command your gaming experience because of its 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors. It features 5-way optimization for a dynamic controlling system.

Here mentioning its features in detail:

Do-It-Yourself Design

The design of this ASUS motherboard is fully DIY. It means that its SafeSlot comes with potent PSle device retention. Its shearing retention is also enough. The memory modules of this gaming motherboard are also flexible in that Q-DIMM clips enable you very simply and with protection handle the modules. If you experience boot failures, then it is versatility. It is because its MemOK ll automatically fixes this boot issue. It could be because of the die to memory instability.

CPU Cooler

ROG Strix Z390 gaming motherboard has quite an extensive CPU Cooler. It quickly gets configured to the UEFI BIOS or Fan Xpert. Furthermore, it includes a pair of DC fan headers for cooling CPU. It also has a dedicated DC header for water cooling setting that is self-contained, and a header for the supplication of DC water pumps to 3A or higher performance.

Overclocking Module

The Asus motherboard includes a revised back-end that actually overclocks the CPU on the basis of thermal telemetry and smart prediction. This gaming motherboard comes with a 5-way optimization Overclocking module that is by Ai Suite. This is the platform revamped for the Z390 piece. As this is the new version, it quickly shows the Overclocking results, which manually comes after consistent days of tuning.

Sterling Performance

The Rog Strix gaming motherboard assures you top-end performance along with appealing aesthetics to stand up the par. ASUS Aura provides the system with the lightning control that is full of RGB. Besides this, it also gives a vast range of presets that are workable for the system’s built-in RGB LEDs and strips present on the header of onboard RGB. And, all this gets easily synced with the shining file of Aura-capable hardware by ASUS.

Specifications of Asus Rog Strix Z390 Gaming Motherboard

  1. Chipset: The chipset for this motherboard is Intel Z390.
  2. CPU: It supports the CPU, Intel Socket 1151, core generation i7, i5, i3 for 8th generation, and Pentium and Celeron processors.
  3. Audio: Its audio support is SupremeFX S1220A.
  4. Graphics: Its graphics are HDMI/DP.
  5. Memory: The memory support for this motherboard is 4/64 GB DDR and 4266+ MHz.

The Good Sides

  • Appealing design and color
  • Device cooler
  • A great mid-range motherboard
  • Plenty of Overclocking functions
  • Solid BIOS
  • 4266MHz memory support

The Bad Sides

  • A bit expensive (still worth it for the features it offers)

Final Words

To conclude, after prior models, this motherboard is an actual strike by ASUS. It is able to handle the 9900k at 5ghz on all the cores without any problem. Both of its NVME drives come with heatsinks that keep the system cool. Particularly for CPU VRMs, it includes a 40mm fan. Also, the installation of this motherboard is easy, and most of the things are simple DIY.