Apple looking to have 20 percent more iPhone 13 units to go with its launch in fall 2021

Apple is looking to have 20 percent more iPhone models ready before launch in 2021, a Bloomberg report on this claimed. That would make for about 90 million of the iPhone 13 models that Apple would like to have at their disposal when the iPhone 13 is launched, which is expected to take place around September 2021.

This would be notwithstanding the acute shortage of computer chips that have severely hampered several industries around the world, including even the automotive sector as well. However, it seems Apple’s supply chain is immune to the chip crisis raging at the moment. And that has much to do with some of the primary suppliers such as the TSMC having planned their supplies well ahead of time.

This will ensure Apple is able to go ahead with the launch of the iPhone 13 as per the usual schedule, which is around September every year. Apple is looking to continue or even build upon the strong momentum that the iPhone 12 models created in the market. It went on to rake up sales of more than 100 million units within just 7 months of its launch. That makes for a month ahead of iPhone 11 that hit the 100 million sales figure in 8 months.

The last time Apple managed to sell that many iPhone devices in such a short time frame is the iPhone 6. Interestingly, the similarities are hard to miss as the iPhone 6 was the first model to connect to 4G networks. Cut short to the iPhone 12 and you have the first 5G-ready iPhones from the Cupertino giant.

Coming to the specs, the iPhone 13 isn’t expected to break any new grounds. Rather, the upcoming iPhone is expected to offer an incremental upgrade over the current model. That includes the use of an LTPO display, though only on the Pro models. LTPO panels are able to adjust the refresh rate dynamically, thereby having a limited impact on the battery.

Further, the iPhone 13 is also speculated to have a better ultra-wide-angle lens as well as improved optical zoom. Plus, there are also rumors of LiDAR scanners making it to the iPhone 13 Pro models. Another improvement likely to be seen and one that would be immensely appreciated is a general downsizing of the notch. Keep watching for the latest developments on this.


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