Apple iPhone 7 Dual SIM could be a reality, Here’s why?

As we inch towards September, stories and soothsayings about the new iPhone are emerging. The three major stories revolving around the Apple iPhone 7 are the lightning port’s new feature, the dual-SIM tray, and the missing mute button. The lightning port has multiple functions including charging, data sharing and audio port.

A recent leak suggests that iPhone 7 could include dual SIM tray to allow the user to send and receive calls and messages from two phone numbers. Dual SIM tray also allows the users to work with multiple carriers at the same time. This is ideal for traveling and has some concrete evidence.

A Chinese repair shop by the name of Rock Fix posted images of components of the upcoming iPhone. One of these pictures shows a dual-SIM tray.

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For years now, dual-SIM is one of the areas where the iPhone has been lacking as compared to its Android and Microsoft counterparts like Samsung and Lumia. This feature negates the need to carry two phones and is a major selling point. The latest Samsung flagship Galaxy S7 is said to be iPhone 7’s biggest competitor and supports dual-SIM.

Owing to drawbacks like these, Apple lacks in market share in India compared to Samsung (32.9%), Micromax (17.1%) and Karbonn (11.2%). In light of these facts, it would “make sense” for Apple to switch to dual-SIM.

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Another leaked images reveal that at least one of the devices will not have a separate headphone jack, and the lightning port will serve the purpose. This syncs well with the other rumors that say that it could be waterproof. The lack of a headphone jack port will provide one less entry point for water.

The most recently released images by NWE also suggest that the trademark mute button is missing. The angle of the shown pictures makes it difficult to be certain of it, as they show only the side where the volume buttons are.

All that being said, Apple could well have changed the side where the button is placed. Expected to be released in this fall, the smartphone could have the Apple A10 processor.