Apple iPhone 8 to get stiff competition from Galaxy Note 8

Samsung may have faced a lot of flak post the infamous Note 7 fiasco but has regrouped surprisingly well since then. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have set the sales chart on fire – fortunately, not itself – and fans of its Note series of phablets are now eagerly awaiting the release of the new Galaxy Note 8 as well.

There also are enough reasons for enthusiasts to look forward to the Galaxy Note 8 given all the noises it has been making off late. That includes dual rear cams and a fingerprint sensor embedded within the front display, technologies that were reported to have been curtailed from the S8 since those weren’t ready then.

Interestingly the very same technologies are also hotly anticipated to feature in the anniversary iPhone 8 edition as well. And it is here that things start becoming really exciting.

The Galaxy Note 8 clearly is aimed at the iPhone 8, but the former really seems poised to take a lot of sheen off the Apple device given rumors that Samsung might actually choose to launch its Note 8 closer to the iPhone 8. Traditionally, Samsung launches its Note phablet during the IFA event. That makes for a launch schedule of around early to mid-September.

Apple too is expected to be readying a launch of its iPhone 8 around the same. The similarities don’t end here as the anniversary iPhone is also tipped to come with a full front display with the Touch ID hidden beneath the front display along with dual rear cams.

There has also been a dummy device released recently that is believed to mimic the Note 8. If the actual Note 8 is indeed the same as the dummy unit, we do have a battle royale on the cards, with both the iPhone 8 and Note 8 vying for consumer attention with almost the same set of features.

Samsung has already shown how impressive its Infinity display can be with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Both the devices have almost the entire front made up of the stunning display, save for thin strips for the top and bottom bezel. With the Note 8 expected to carry forward the same theme, that no doubt will make for a worthy competitor to the Note 8.

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