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Apple iPhone 7 Rose Gold leaked: How is it different from iPhone 6s


There is a new video of iPhone 7 rose gold that has arrived online and is being shown compared to an iPhone 6S sporting the same color scheme.

From what seems evident right away is the similarity that both share, and there is no way one can make out which is which from just a passing glance. However, a closer inspection can throw up the differences, of which again; there aren’t many either.

First off, what’s likely to catch the eye most at the rear is the bigger camera setup. Not only is it markedly bigger on the iPhone 7, but it is also a lot more pronounced. There is no way one can miss out on the camera overhang though Apple surely has done its bit with a shiny piece of metal ring to smooth things out a bit. Gone are the days when the camera would sit flush with the rear surface on an iPhone device while competing Samsung devices would have their rear cams jutting outside.


Then the disruptive antenna bands have been relocated along the top and bottom edges in the iPhone 7. This makes for a nice touch and makes the rear looks clean and uncluttered.

Everything else remains just the same except for the bottom where the once ubiquitous 3.5mm headphone has been replaced with another speaker slot so that both together should double the music output capability on the iPhone 7.

The video depicts the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 though the bigger iPhone 7 Plus is expected to be more flamboyant type with a new twin cam setup at the rear. Also, from what is known as of now, one of the cams will offer zooming feature though both will be of 12 MP. An earlier leaked image found on Weibo had shown the iPhone 7 Plus in all the shades that it would be available in.