Apple campus 2 is taking shape nicely and we know this by the latest video shot on Christmas this year. A 4k video shot by Matthew Roberts has surfaced on the internet which shows the gigantic Apple Campus 2 of the shape of spaceship nearing completion. Approximately 3 and a half seconds video will give a close view of the new spaceship campus, auditorium reception area as well as campus areas.

You can see the solar panels on the roof of the campus as well as the behind the Tantau ave. According to Roberts, 65% of solar panels have been installed. The company claims to run the whole structure on 100% renewable energy. The project initiated in 2011 was expected to complete in 2015 but some hurdles delayed the project and it is now expected to complete by next year.

The exterior of the building is made of curved glass panels that are specially designed for the Apple Campus 2. In a meeting a few years ago, Jobs said that there is no single straight glass piece in the building. Since the work is almost complete on the exteriors, it seems that work has started on the interiors now.

The campus is made on 2.8 million sqft area and will facilitate 12,000 Apple employees. The Apple-designed grid is capable of handling 75% of the power requirements during the working hours.